Vertonghen at left back but who goes in to centre half?

Having lost the services of Benoit Assou-Ekotto prior to the Reading game, Spurs head coach Andre Villas-Boas has used three players in four matches in the left back slot – all of whom have played slightly out of position.

After Kyle Naughton’s injury, Gareth Bale filled in against QPR in an experiment that was abandoned at half time. The current incumbent is Jan Vertonghen and having played there in the past for Belgium, Jan looks the most comfortable here (although to be honest he could probably look calm and comfortable anywhere on the park)

If, as expected, Vertonghen plays here again at Old Trafford on Saturday, it does leave a question in the centre of defence. Michael Dawson made his first start of the season here on Wednesday night but Steven Caulker looks almost as calm as Jan when he plays there.

It looks like AVB will pick two from Gallas, Dawson and Caulker – which way would you go?

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21 Responses

  1. Pikey says:

    AVB’s gonna go for Caulker and Gallas. Probably right. Rooney looked a bit sharp last night

  2. HackneyHotspur says:

    Very tough, but for me Dawson has to start, and then do we want a more mobile centre half or a more experienced one.. Tough call.. But its United away so who cares, the ref’s the one that matters..

  3. top dog says:

    No Dawson please. I like him for his fighting spirit but he is a donkey.

  4. tony says:

    It should be Caulker & Dawson – but AVB will pick Gallas & Caulker.
    Match prediction – Utd get a dodgy penalty from ref – probably a dive from Wellbeck or Valencia – would normally be Young but he’s injured

  5. Johns says:

    Like to see Dawson play along side Gallas we need to have 2 experienced centre halves against Manu.

  6. robbie says:

    I would go Gallas-Caulker. Has anyone seen AVB’s comments on sky about Lloris? 7

  7. Razspur says:

    Has to be Gallas/Caulker until Benny and the Bull are fit to resume when our back 4 will be :
    Walker-Kaboul-Vertonghen-BAE with Caulker and Gallas as subs and rots.

  8. spurian n15 says:

    i agree with top dog dawson is i “donkey” he is not a good footballer i think avb knows this

  9. Denver says:

    Caulker needs to get some game time. Gallas and Caulker for me.

  10. dave@spurs says:

    shame about daws, but its got to be caulker.

  11. Parklaner says:

    Will be Caulker and Gallas against Utd

  12. Denver says:

    I can see the likes of Manu, ManC and Chelsea trying to sign Caulker in the not too soon distant future. He has all the atributes to become a top footballer lik Jaap Stamp, Nemanda V and even our own Lesley the King, just with a better striking rate.

  13. JaySpur says:

    One thing I know for sure; Caulker is too darn good for warming the Spurs bench.

  14. Blake says:

    If it was against a club not in the top 4 I would play Caulker, but i think daws will show his grit and worth, by consistantly frustrating man u. Coys!

  15. TrevD says:

    please dont put Sadie Dawson in fs! caulker for me, good ball playing defender just hope his balls dont drop, is ade fit yet? who gives a monkeys fart defoes on fire yaaaa COYS the fire brigade couldnt put JD out 1-2 the yids

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