Our team to face Panathinaikos – what’s yours?

We know that AVB is going to take this competition seriously because the same stories that emerged two weeks ago confirming this are all appearing again today.

That should lead to a stronger side but could the head coach be tempted to throw in the likes of Adam Smith and Andros Townsend after impressive displays at Carlisle in the league cup?

Hugo Lloris should return in goal but will Smith deputise for Kyle Walker? With no Kyle Naughton available, Jan Vertonghen should continue at left back with Dawson and Caulker at the heart of defence.

In midfield, who can be rested and who can come in? The same applies up front – AVB would probably want to rest some players but without depth in the squad and because of injuries will he get the chance?

The other issue is the attitude to this competition and defeat here would make qualification from the group a struggle. Who knows what will happen – here’s what we think but what’s your view?


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25 Responses

  1. ChrisC CMOY says:

    I would make Dawson Captain for the game – COYS

  2. Paul says:

    Smith, Dawson, caulker, jan vert

    Falque, huddlestone, sigurdsson, sandro, Townsend


    Subs – bale, Lennon, Defoe, dembele, cudicini

  3. adtheyid says:

    I’d give Vertonghen a rest if possible. He’s played in every game except Newcastle. cant burn him out too early

  4. try says:

    pauls team looks about right to me.

    play a slightly “weakened” side or players who are pushing for 1st team football and bring on the big boys if it goes tits up by half time (which it wont! COYS!!!)

  5. Sheppy says:

    Lloris – Smith, Dawson, Caulker, Verts – Falque, Livermore, Hudd, Townsend – Siggy – Ade

  6. Lee says:

    Ile say sheppys lineup looks about right apart from ade (think he’s still injured) and swap him for coulibally!!

  7. simmo says:






  8. Pikey says:

    GK – Defoe
    LB – Huddlestone
    RB – Dempsey
    CB – Lennon
    CB – Townsend
    LM – Gallas
    RM – Dawson
    CM – Loris
    FL – Friedel
    FR – Cudicini
    FC – AVB

    Would be great no?

  9. N14 Spur says:

    Essexian76 – where did you hear that about Coulibaly? I haven’t seen or heard anything about that…

    I think Sheppy has the right line-up but Defoe in for Ade (not ready apparently). Definitely think Sandro needs a rest after his performance against Man Utd, and would say the same for Vertonghen, but don’t know who else would slot in at LB…

  10. Daniel says:


    smith dawson caulker vert

    hudd demeble

    lennon dempsey townsend


    I would play vert for no longer than an hour and bring walker on to play at left back for the remaining time, rest sandro and bale, maybe siggi to replace demeble instead of dempsey and faluqe to get at least a 20 min spell

  11. TonyRich says:

    Sandro may well need rest, but do it when Parker or at least Livermore comes back.

  12. Daniel says:

    I’d also like to point out Smith’s performance vs Carlisle is not what I would call impressive, but walker has been very below par this season.

  13. Blow-wave says:

    If we wanna rest vert why not

    Lloris; smith dawson caulker townsend; hudd sandro; lennon siggy falque; dempsey

    there ya go townsend played there (LB) last year and was at least as effective as Walker has been on the Right this year.

    • TonyRich says:

      Wasn’t this exactly one of the most complained about things from the Redknapp era? Playing players out of position? At least Vertonghen plays LB for Belgium. Townsend is so obviously an attacking player. Townsend looked ok there last season because the whole team was weakened – so he did not stick out. Plus Harry’s system protected the full backs more than AVB’s system – where they have become fully exposed. Put Townsend there, and he could get destroyed.

  14. Keiran says:

    Smith, Caulker, Dawson, Vertonghen(c)
    Sigurdsson, Huddlestone
    Lennon, Dempsey, Townsend

  15. SILVERSPURS says:

    Smith Dawson Caulker Vert
    Huddlestone Siggy
    Falque Desmpsey Townsend

  16. Truth says:

    Avb out what a load of shit 1-1 with those greek pussies what a load of crap

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