Spurs still refusing Sherwood talks

Blackburn Rovers continue to look for a new manager after the departure of Steve Kean and Spurs continue to turn down approaches to talk to Tim Sherwood.

Our assistant first team coach remains favourite with most bookmakers to take the post but for now at least, it seems that Tottenham are determined to hang on.

Naturally, this story may still have legs but it seems as if Tim has made no suggestion of wanting to leave the club and most reports refer to his previous quote where he said he held a ‘great job’ at Spurs.

A quick scan of Rovers’ websites also reveals a lukewarm response to the notion of Tim taking over so for those who are predicting big things for Sherwood at Tottenham, hopefully the issue will be resolved shortly, with the appointment of an alternative at Ewood Park.

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4 Responses

  1. french rover says:

    most Rovers fans would love to have Tim Sherwood as manager…..its only a small minority of fans that are not in favour but unfortunately like at any club, they are the ones that are usually most vocal. Tim is still very well respected for his time at Ewood and will be remembered forever for skippering us to the Premier League title…

  2. care in the community says:

    Why does a Sours fan repeat the inaccuracies of the media. Most of us know that Tim is Technical Co-ordinator and NOT assistant first team coach. His responsibilities are the development and management of every side and player except the first team. This is why Levy is so insistent on not letting him leave. Please don’t perpetuate the media’s myths. They don’t need any help in misrepresenting Spurs management.

  3. Modric and Suker are fucking annoying Croat cocks who need to shut their fucking gobs says:

    I hate Chelsea.

  1. October 17, 2012

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