Our team to face Everton – what’s yours?

Our team to face Everton – what’s yours?


With no further news of injuries, the main question is over formation ahead of Sunday’s game at Goodison Park. Emmanuel Adebayor is available again after suspension so will Andre Villas-Boas pair Ade with Jermain Defoe up front or will the coach choose a more defensive 4-2-3-1 away from home?

In defence, injuries mean that it’s likely to be either Gallas and Caulker in the centre with Vertonghen switching to the left or alternatively, Kyle Naughton may fill in at left back with Jan moving back to the centre.

Clint Dempsey covered on the left for Gareth Bale on Thursday but if AVB chooses the lone striker then Clint should move back into the middle.

Tom Carroll and Gylfi Sigurdsson could come into contention in midfield which leaves the decision as to who plays up top.

Here’s our verdict but what’s your view?


  1. Anybody knows whats Happened to Andros Townsend as he seemed to be coming along great.Really need to step up against Everton COYS

  2. Very simple game, STOP FELLAINI

    Every time there is a long ball have Sandro in front of him and Caulker behind him challenging every ball

    Dont allow Gallas anywhere near him

    If we stop Fellaini we win, Adebayor is our third best player technically behind Bale and Dembele and therefore needs to play to link every thing up.


    Walker Gallas Caulker Verts
    Lennon Dembele Sandro Demps

    Ade has to play to also counter Evertons aerial threat

  3. Lloris
    Walker Hudd Caulker Vert
    lennon Sandro Demble Siggy
    Ade Defoe

    Freidel is past it, yes he is still good but against teams like Everton he would suffer, Lloris always has to be No1 now. Gallas cannot keep up, Hudd offers just a little more with his height and range, Siggy will do better darting down the wings as Dempsey just does not cut it in my book, one good pass does not make a game.

  4. That’s harsh on Naughton, young and being played out of position, I think he has potential, is a better passer than Walker, needs to bulk up tho

  5. Lloris
    Walker Dawson (if fit) Caulker Vertonghen


    Lennon Adebayor Dembele Dempsey


    Freidel, Gallas, Naughton, Siggy, Townswend, Huddlestone, Livermore

  6. Please don’t call it a 442 if we play with both Ade and JD. Cleary Ade will play deeper.


    Walker Gallas Caulker Vertonghen

    Sandro Dembele

    Lennon Adebayor Dempsey


  7. Lloris has to be kept at no1 from now on, he’s proved himself over the last few games and lets face it, he is the future. If Dawson’s fit, he has to play. Gallas would get bossed by Fellani and Jelavich.

    Walker Dawson Caulker Vertonghen
    Sandro Dembele
    Lennon Adebayor Dempsey

  8. Jayjay

    Stop Fellaini and you’ll win? Baines and Pienaar are the best partnership in the prem and if Mirallas and Coleman are declared fit,then we’re nearly as deadly down the right. We’re fucking hopeless at defending set pieces tho.

  9. I think it all depends if Dawson is passed fit to play, if he is then backline of lloris walker Dawson Caulker verthongen, in midfield Everton don’t really play with width piennaer & naismith come in off the line to crowd central area & with Fellani an aerial threat I’d play huddlestone ( the sight of 2 big lumps with afro’s man2man knocking ten bells out of each other is to hilarious 2 not have).
    I’d have Dembele on left but tucking inside when needed. Upfront It’s hard to leave Defoe our on current form so he has to start. ADE looked a bit short of sharpness the other night but with his height & ability to come short & go wide is start him.
    Lloris walker Dawson if fit (gallas) caulker verthongen, lennon sandro huddlestone Dembele, ADE, Defoe subs Friedal naughton gallas( Stewart) Carroll siggurdson livermore dempsey

  10. That team will see Spurs concede at every free kick and corner, Have you forgot Fellani is 6ft 4 no make that 6ft6 with is hair Baines will be rubbing his hands This should be our team Lloris Walker Gallas Vertongham Townsend Lennon Huddlfro Sandro Dembele Ady Defoe we need height and Hudds has always done well against his thin twin who covers the most miles and looks like a skeleton with hair ? .We will be run ragged by this mob who have given the reason for there fast start has training earlier so fickin simple why has Moyes only just thought of it because its not true. If we get a draw we will need luck and plenty of goals or if we win then Everton will have hit the burn out saga lets hope Fellanis the first .

  11. Jayjay is right don’t play Gallas with Fellaini. Spurs team I wud choose- Lloris, Walker, Dawson ( if fit enough ), Caulker, Vertonghen, Sandro, Dembelle, Dempsey(shackle more), Huddleson, Defoe and Adebayor.

  12. I think we have to go there for a draw. It’s very difficult to win our basic competitor for the 4th position. Andre should give Dempsey a box to box role to give more freedom to the wingers and Defoe to do a lot counter attacks.

    Sorry for my English.

  13. I think I’v been watching a different Gallas from the lot of you who want to see him start or even make the 18! 😐 Lloris,Walker,Dawson (pray he will be fit),Caulker,Vertonghen
    Ade will play deerper & help defend at set pieces!


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