The extent to which Spurs will miss Emmanuel Adebayor over the next few weeks is debatable but Ade’s departure to AFCON certainly leaves us short of options up front. Andre Villas-Boas may well have chosen Clint Dempsey ahead of Adebayor for yesterday’s game at White Hart Lane in any event, but it doesn’t disguise the lack of cover.

Any injury or suspension to Jermain Defoe is likely to leave Clint in an unfamiliar role as the lone striker unless AVB choses the unlikely option of promoting someone such as Jon Obika through the ranks.

It’s not a perfect situation and Villas-Boas acknowledged that it’s one that requires action.

“We are in the same position as we were at the start of the season, when Adebayor was injured,” AVB said. “We went six or seven games with Clint and Defoe up front who built a very good partnership as you saw in the match against Man United.

“Obviously it’s a difficult situation but that doesn’t mean that we won’t do anything in the transfer market. We are also aware of the risk that it entails though, so we’ll just have to be careful.”

So Spurs may be seeking a striker in this month’s transfer market after all but as we’ve seen in recent years, that may not be easy. With just ten days to go before the window closes, just who is going to be available?



  1. its absolutelly amazng we are in the top 4 with strikers as bad as we have. Defoe, 1 goal in 7 now, is back to his pathetic 2011 form and Adebayor has been a disgrace. AVB has done a remarkable job. Levy needs to back him now. Arsenal have Wilshere back on song, and as they showed in second half of chelsea game, they are looking very potent. We will not get 4th relying on Dempsey for goals, not a hope. It’s very difficult though – who can we get? Negredo is available but very very expensive. There aren’t many options…

    • you hit the mail on the head there about defore and adebayor – negredo is the only realistic target because seville are willing to sell – he might not be that expensive maybe 15 – 17 million tops

    • i agree a striker is necessary but i think you’re being a bit negative. Defoe has been remarkable for most of this season and he and bale are both in double digits. Adebayor hasn’t returned to last year’s form but that can be attributed to his injury problems. Lastly, Dempsey who missed pre-season and started the season poorly now has 4 goals in 4 matches, had a great run of form before that brief injury slip up. His 36 goals from midfield in the previous 2 seasons are the most in all comps by any midfield player in the premiership. Now that he seems to be catching fire, defoe will surely get going again, bale and lennon have been incredible, and ade is coming back, I’m not worried. I’m not sure what is causing you to believe that Arsenal are somehow in a better situation. Spurs have a much better side from top to bottom and without Harry’s anti-rotation nonsense, the same exhaustion shouldn’t be expected in the second half.

  2. Going to be difficult to get a top quality striker now. 10 days left in the window and with very little options available in January.
    We should make an offer for Llorente, we could get him cheaper as he’ll walk away from Bilbao in the summer for nothing, we just need to convince him that the lane is the place for him

  3. I don’t mind if we don’t get a proper striker this window as long as we make proper bids for the right players.. Damiao, llorente, hulk etc but what would be unacceptable is getting a player like Saha or crouch. Wouldn’t mind a cheeky bid for welbeck on loan.

  4. I think we should persue heung-min son hes a great hard working attacker and also very versatile and creative he can play either wing as a striker or attacking midfeild, we need a creative player like him!

  5. agree with mark we badly need to sign someone llorente would fit the bill defoe needs a dozen chances to score and as for adebayor dont even get me started on him the biggest waste of space I have seen at the lane in years lazy no good tosser

  6. Forget it nobody is coming in. We are fast approaching the Arsenal situation when a new stadium has to be financed. So for the next 4 / 5 years Spurs fans will have to get used to the likes of Nelsen Saha both free Holtby also free ( who is he by the way ) and the unknown quantity Fryers for half price. Oh. I nearly forgot AVB only came as he was unemployed and no compensation was payable.The real hit will come when season ticket renewals come out be prepared for 20-25% increases-keep warm.

  7. As long as we finish 4th, I don’t mind about everything else. To be honest I don’t think Arsenal are much better than us unless they buy a world class striker. Can’t see them beating MAN U either and I believe they will struggle to beat us. What has impressed me about AVB IS despite a bad beginning, he seems to do a thorough study of the opposition at hand. WE ARE FINISHING 4thperiod


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