Andre Villas-Boas has revealed that our one remaining striker Jermain Defoe has returned to the Tottenham squad for tonight’s game at Carrow Road. Defoe missed the defeat to Leeds at the weekend but takes his place after a hip problem.

“Jermain’s body feels well, he feels fine about his fitness and he trained today,” AVB said. “Obviously he’s disappointed that he had to miss Leeds but we’ve seen excellent work by the medical department to get him back.

“He’s selected for Norwich and Lewis Holtby is in the squad as well.”

Andre also announced that William Gallas is fit once again. AVB seems to like using the Frenchman and it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see Gallas line up in defence once again.

But the interesting question is over Holtby: Earlier in the season, AVB had a habit of using his new signings from the bench but will the German international slot into the VDV role behind the lone striker from the start?

That move is likely to see Clint Dempsey drop to the bench – a popular move with some fans but arguably harsh for a man with five goals in his last five games. Clint could drop into the left centre of midfield that that would be equally harsh on Dembele and it seems an unlikely move.

So there are plenty of questions ahead of kick off. Here’s our starting XI but what’s your view?



  1. I dont think well be shaped like that more a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1 avb is getting the squad in to play them to formations. I would be suprised to Holtby start aswell, maybe a 60 minute sub apperance. Avb will not want to distrupt his team.

  2. Dempsey & Dawson in for Holtby & Gallas fo me. Havnt seen Holtby play, looking forward to it! Certainly available off the bench if required tonight I would have thought. COYS!

    • Absolutely right i think holtby can be great for us but i wouldn’t drop dempsey since he has been in very good form as of late,

  3. lorris walker , caulker vertoghen ekotto lennon bale dembele gylfi holtby defoe

    subs dempsey livermore naughton freidel parker

  4. I’d go with with Lloris, Walker, Dawson, Caulker, Vertonghen, Lennon, Parker, Dembele, Bale, Dempsey, Defoe. And if it isn’t going well at halftime chuck Hotlby on at halftime for Dempsey, give the lad a go he looks a decent player to me, Everton West Brom Arsenal Liverpool, big chance tonight need the 3 points, COYS…

  5. If Dawson is not injured ill rather have him in place of galas. Would also start with Benoit instead of naught on. Rest of squad looks good.

  6. Spurs:
    Lloris, BAE, Vertonghen, Dawson, Walker, Parker,Dembele, Lennon, Bale, Dempsey, Defoe.

    Holtby will only start if Defoe is not ready. If thats the case, Dembsey will play at top and Holtby in # 10 position.

  7. Llorris Walker Dawson Vertongen Ekotto Parker Dembele Lennon Bale Dempsey Defoe subs Freidel Gallas Naughton Gylfi Holtby Livermore and Obika will do just nicley with Holtby getting the last half hour for game time

  8. Have to start playing a natural LB on the left of defence. Our strongest back four(subject to Kaboul being out injured) in my opinion is Walker, Vertonghen, Dawson, BAE. Wide players pick themselves then I would play Parker, Dembele and Holtby. And i know this is controversial but i don’t see any reason why Dempsey can’t do a job up top.

    My arguments for this are that clearly Defoe is out of form and fitness. One goal in seven games and carrying an injury. I know Dempsey was a bit wasteful on Sunday but lets erase that shambles of a game from our minds and Dempsey has been arguably our best attacking player in last few games barring lennon.

    Saying that, i am 75% sure AVB will not start Holtby but bring him on at half time much the same was he used Dembele when first available..

  9. Lloris; Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, BAE; Dembele, Parker; Lennon, Sigurdsson, Bale; Defoe.

    Norwich players will know a lot about Kyle Naughton, plus he deserves to be dropped for his perfomance at the weekend. Sigurdsson should be given a reminder that Villas-Boas hasn’t forgotten about him; Dempsey has been poop as of late and it could be wiser for Holtby to be introduced at a later stage in the match. COYS.

  10. Lloris
    Walker Dawson. Vertongen BAE

    Holtby. Dembele
    Lennon. Bale

    I think with this 4-1-2-2-1. With this system I believe we will have an unbelievable balance to the side with dembele and holtby good playmakers they our also good at defensive work. So they can win the ball back further up the park and if anything does slip through Parker is there to pick up the pieces. This system will bring alot of goals!! Do you agree ?!

    • Like it Alex. My team selection as well. Perfect balance and no excuses for a lacklustre Bale performance tonight. Parkers Role with the outlet of Holtby and Dembele will be instrumental, he must look forward and release them quick. Lennon and Bale should have a productive evening. Here’s hoping… COYS

  11. Playing Vertonghen against Holt, on current form, looks like a disaster waiting to happen for me. Jan is still to convince me of his ability to play centre-half in the EPL, with all of his best performances coming earlier in the season whilst at Left- back.

    Indeed, this ,for me, represents the scene where Jans form began to unravel, following the cameo from hell against the Canaries which ultimately saw us dumped out of the C1C.
    Since then Vertonghen has looked a shell of the player we signed. Error prone, confidence stricken and devoid of any authority, if we are picking a team on MERIT, than it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to see how the Belgian makes the side, currently.

    Maybe this could act as an opportunity to rid himself of a few demons. But is it really worth the risk? I can imagine Holt rubbing his hands at the prospect of a tussle with the Belgian stylist.

    Also can’t imagine AVB playing Holtby over Dempsey, just yet. I think given the current (goal-scoring) form of Dempsey it would be EXTREMELY HARSH to drop the American, in a move that COULD potentially do damage to the team/players morale.

    With that being said this would be my team:


    Walker Dawson Gallas Ekotto

    Parker Dembele

    Lennon Dempsey Bale


    • I think the problem with Vert is that he has been left out and then ill so i guess its just a case of not being in his rythym. He is a class act..

      Can’t wait to have Kaboul back to be honest. Shame the Beast is out as having those two in the team is enough to scare anybody!

      • Not saying that Jan doesn’t posses GREAT potential, just pointing out that as things stand, I can’t help but see him as a liability.

        My opinion IS NOT based, solely, on the Leeds game, where Jan endured a torrid time courtesy of Diouf and co, but over a period of the last 7-10 games he has played, where he has consistently made errors which could’ve quite easily cost the team goals.

        First season in the EPL I understand that, so I’m NOT having a pop. I’m just highlighting the fact that Vertonghen is NOT deserving of a place in the team (in my opinion) if we are basing selection on merit and NOT FAVOURITES!

        Agree, Kaboul will be like a top-class new signing when he comes back and gets up to speed. I can’t believe he has been out SO long!!!

    • 100% agreed..he should get nowhere near the team if all were fit. Was a great defender 5 years ago but its a bit embarrassing how he gets outpaced and pushed off the ball by stronger, quicker strikers..

    • I’m a football man, before being a football fan and therefore I am not part of the Anti-Gallas brigade.

      I study the game with a fine-tooth comb and feel NO discomfort in saying that Gallas has been immense this season and has picked up a lot of unfair/unwarranted criticism. Without question our best defender this season, although Dawson has really impressed since coming into the side, recently.

      1.Newcastle (away)
      2 WBA (home)
      3 Man Utd (away)
      4 Southampton (away)

      The games listed above are just a few of the games, that spring to mind, where Gallas has been EXCELLENT.
      All this talk about age, I don’t by it. Gallas is still quick, reads the game well, positions himself expertly (for the most part) and is a leader/warrior who possesses the kind of WINNING MENTALITY the team has lacked in the past.

      Of course William is NOT infallible, and the game he had against Chelsea was arguably as bad as it gets. But if you watch his performances carefully (instead of listening to Hansen and co on MOTD) you will find that his good displays FAR outweigh his bad.

      Seems everyone has been looking for a scapegoat (especially when we were conceding late goals) and given Gallas’ age and employment history he was an EASY target!

      • I agree gallas has suffered unfair criticism this year – he defends with a vengeance – you can see it in his eyes. great player still.

  12. Can’t see Holtby starting, think he will give Dempsey the benefit seeing his good form of late, maybe sat just behind Defoe. If all goes well possible Holtby on for 15-20 mins towards the end. COYS!!

  13. Why people quick to jump on Dempsey’s back? The guy is scoring and is a creative force going forward! Feel he is being targeted by some fans!

    • Herman its because despite the tap-ins and his uncanny ability to score highly specialised deflected shots, He is not good enough. He’s kinda Shit…

      • Thats harsh…he’s not shit is he…granted not in the same class as people like Dembele or Bale but he’s the kind of player who gets in those positions for tap ins and has actually created a fair amount for others the past half a dozen games. For 6m he’s a snip and someone very handy to have in or around the team.

        • yeah dempsey is getting better slowly but surely, anyway how can aplayer who scored as many PL goals as adebayor last season be shit?

    • 99.9% sure Holtby wont start, what a kick in the teeth for Dempsy and Siggi if he does..

      Dempsey gets goals his record last season speaks for it self and he’s on a good run at the moment you need players who can score, i dont care if there tap in’s!

      By the end of the season when he has between 10 and 15 important goals people will jump off his back

  14. 4-1 Spurs. 2 from bale and lennon and Defoe to get on the scoresheet also. Gallas to come on in the last 20 minutes and score an own goal. COYS.

  15. Dawson alongside Vertongen in the centre, BAE at left back.Dempsey ( of whom I am not a big fan ) to start with Holtby on the bench

  16. Holtby signed five mins ago! Why should stride straight into the team? He does not know our tactics yet. He is in a position that requires chemistry from all around. Perhaps a striker can walk straight in, but not Holtby. Ease him him.
    It HAS to be Dawson in defence. Norwich are a quality heading outfit. Need to stop crosses too.

    Lloris, Ekotto, Vert, Daws, Walker, bale, Parker, Dembele, Lennon, Dempsey, Defoe.

  17. the only debate is who will partner vert and it has to be dawson, he could of left in the summer, and at that point i actually thaught he wouldnt be able to fit into our system with AVB but im SO glad we have still have him

    walker dawson vert benny
    parker dembele
    lennon dempsey bale

  18. There’s no way holt by will start lads. He’s only in the door. Also gallas can get bent if he thinks he is getting back in the team. Dawson will start and jan needs a game to get his confidence back after his performance v Leeds.
    Dropping Dempsey sends out all the wrong signals. Sig is the one to lose out in this one. I feel for him. Hes only young and he could end up rotting on the bench for the season

  19. Dawson was rested for Leeds obviously with this game in mind. When we play teams good in the air Dawson plays. Norwich have Holt so expect to see Dawson captain the side and Benny back at left back. We can have a break from Naughtos’s mistakes.

  20. Is bae injured or something? Sling naughton and get bae in if he’s fit – differant league.
    Like to see holtby play at least some of the match, the lad seems full of confidence and has some good stats in germany including second highest assists – defoe will be glad to seem him for sure. dempsey has done well recently and could prove a great super sub.siggy is the one dissapointment so far, but again he’s useful from the bench. now all we need is another striker to take the pressure off defoe.


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