Younes Kaboul is set to take his first tentative steps on to the training pitch this week but in his long absence, has the Frenchman become a forgotten man? Head coach Andre Villas-Boas confirmed that Kaboul is coming back to training but added that the defender is still some way from a first team return.

“He’s going to rejoin training on Monday,” AVB said. “Still, it’s going to be his first training session since August, so we have to be very, very careful. Hopefully he will be able to play in two to three weeks.”

When the time finally comes for Younes to fully return, will he walk straight back into the side? The coach does like to shuffle things around at the back but in many supporters’ minds, the first choice pairing in the centre is Michael Dawson and Jan Vertonghen.

Can Younes Kaboul break into the starting XI? Could the defence be shuffled so that either Kaboul or Vertonghen plays at full back? What is AVB’s solution here?




  1. No brainier this one, once he has demonstrated he is back to his old level, becomes first choice to play alongside any of the other central defenders

    • spot on…kaboul and vertonghen should be our first choice pairing…kaboul was outstanding last season and vertonghen is all class…they should play the big important games and Daws and caulker as back up etc. COYS

  2. If it hadn’t been for his injury, Kaboul would have been first choice. Dawson for all the effort he has put in this season (and he has played very well) does not have the class of Kaboul or the speed of Kaboul. Because of the speed he also fits into the high line system AVB likes to play better, Dawson has on occassion been found wanting in this area.

    Kaboul will probably be eased into the team overs the coming months and Daws will become the backup.

  3. Kaboul is versitile, he can cover at right back or as a defensive midfielder, which puts pressure on both kyle walker & scott parker, both of which have dipped in performance in comparison to last year.

  4. I would like to see him playing in central defence, generally, but also as a holding midfielder along Parker in ‘tricky games’; if Parker’s game remains below par in place of him, or at right back in the event that Walker continues to be unpredictable …… but let the lad settle back in first.

  5. Are you kidding?!? He is first choice centre half! Forgotten man? Its Kaboul and Vertonghen/Dawson with Caulker as cover. Shit article.

  6. What kind of dumb question is that?
    Dawson first choice. He is a donkey and a liability.
    People don’t watch performances. They have their mibds set and thats it.
    If Dawson was foreign and performed as he normally does so many people would call for his head. Because he is English he is given so much leeway.
    I get tired of pulling my hair out as he charges up the field chasing balls he never is going to win,leaving himself out of position. This happens at least 5 times per game. Or as he humps the ball up the field giving away possession when he has a teammate right next to him. Or his all time favourite play,when he puts his hand up as he is falling to the ground out of position and out of the play as some forward twists him inside out on his way to goal.
    Fans love him because he “gets stuck in” as they say. Or because of how he throws himself in front of the ball to block shots.
    If his positional sense was better he wouldn’t find himself having to dive in to block shots or give up needless free kicks around the area.
    Nobody ever wonder why Fergie or non of the so called bigger clubs ever show any interest in him?
    If he is not good enough for the clubs we are competing with for trophies, why is he good enough for us?
    Michael Dawson is a stop gap measure at best.
    Same goes for Scott Parker.

    • I’d say the same for clint Dempsey. His overall performance this season has been so poor yet I’m confused as to why AVB continues to select him. If he’s not scoring he contributes to absolutely nothing and slows down the majority of our fast flowing
      football and not to mention the constant ‘give aways’ of the ball in every single match. I am seriously confused as to why Dempseys name keeps appearing ahead of Lewis Holtbys in the starting 11. Dempsey need time
      to settle at spurs yet Moussa Dembele slotted straight in and has performed highly for us. I respect him for his goals but he is definately the weak link in this side.

  7. If it wasn’t for Lloris being so decisive and quick of his line whilst Dawson is on the field we would have conceded a lot more goals.


  9. once fully fit again he would be my first choice central back without doubt,,,, or stick him up front as he couldn`t do less then Ade has been doing lately ha..

  10. Pablodan – not going to slag you off because you are a fellow yid but think you wrong about Daws, a former player of the year. But Kaboul is clearly first choice. According to Walker, Younes is quickest in the club over 100m, which if you think about the opposition is quite some stat.

  11. CB with sexJan. Didn’t Walker say Kaboom was the fastest over 100m at the club? Works perfectly for the high line. Daws and Caulker would be great in the cups and having the four provides real strength and cover for injuries etc.

  12. We’ve got some strength in defence at the moment. Walker. Naughton, Dawson, Caulker, Verts, Gallas, Benny, Fryers and now Kaboul on the comeback trail. Play him at centre forward until he’s fully fit and then in the middle of the back 4 with Verts, and Walker and Benny as full backs.

  13. We need him at centre back, apparently this guy is the fastest in the squad over 100m, I guess Lennon would be quicker over 60m. His pace (along with Walker & BAE) are needed to play the ‘high line’ of defence effectively.

  14. I think that his arrival will free up Jan V to slot into DM if need be – as Parker is showing signs of needing resting a little

  15. Have to agree with the majority here….Kaboul goes straight back in the starting 11, he is sheer quality that’s for sure.
    I don’t know why everyone here is slagging off Dawson, I think he’s done well! Alot of you guys are saying that Vertonghen is the mainstay at centre half but to be honest he’s been bloody terrible and anonymous for the most part. Every time he gets it, he just roles it (Jenas style) out to Daws and that’s it….job done. He was superb playing at left back when the season started but sadly in my opinion doesn’t look comfortable in the middle at all. A conundrum for AVB me thinks…

    • Vertonghen has been consistent this season. You should give him alot more credit considering he came from the dutch league and has performed well in 2 roles this season.

      • Thanks for your input Sal….
        Anyway, I know exactly where he came from. He plays left back more often than not for Belgium which says something. I like him and he had a cracking start to the season as a left back. I don’t think it’s surprising that he’s gone missing for games at a time apparently due to illness when in reality his form had been poor. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Tottenham fan after all and want him to do well, but for me, just not good enough at centre half from what I’ve seen.

  16. When healthy and in form, kaboul and vert should be first choice, no doubt. Dawson is limited but puts everything he’s got into it. Ill take that over an ade-type performance any day. Having said that he is not too enough to start on a regular basis.


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