It seems almost inevitable that Spurs will be looking to sign a new striker in the summer transfer window and several old names are still doing the rounds. The Leandro Damiao story is still circulating even though Tottenham’s head coach Andre Villas-Boas insists that the club have moved on, while Hamburg’s Son Heung-Min is another forward attracting a lot of media attention.

However, the one name gathering a lot of momentum is that of Aston Villa’s Belgian international Christian Benteke. The 22 year old has shone in a struggling Villa side this season and where would Paul Lambert’s men be without his fifteen goals from 28 games?

Some would argue that they would be in the same position, only the goals would have come from Darren Bent but that is still an impressive ratio in a side fighting relegation.

The rumours have been fuelled by comments from the player’s agent Kismet Eris, who insisted that Benteke is focused on Villa but he also gave a clear indication that his client could be available in the summer.

“Right now his focus is on Villa – and helping them stay in the Premier League. He wants to repay Paul Lambert for the faith that has been shown in him,” Eris said.

“At the end of the season interested clubs will talk to Villa – but it has to be right for Villa, the buying club and Christian. If all three parties are agreeable, then something could happen.

“But Villa will now ask a big price for Christian, much more than they paid for him, because Paul Lambert was the one who gave him his chance.”

So it seems as if Christian Benteke could be available irrespective of whether Villa stay up but is he the right man for Spurs?



  1. FFS!!!!!!!!!!!! Spurs fans think there Barca or Real Madrid ur not!!!!!

    Benteke if he leave villa will go to the top not a top 8 side who try getting 4th twice out of 20yrs …. dream on and can you see spuds speding 15/20 mil on him no didnt think so. Theres a resons noone like spuds fans and this proves it – heads up on bum.

  2. No offence but I dont think your board will pay the transfer fee. Villa will be looking for around £30 Million.
    NO Chance of anything less than £20 Million +, maybe part exchange deals permitting. You have to look at the type of player he is, an all round Drogba mould of player. If Villa go down, you might get him for £20 Million….possibly but doubtful. He would jump at the chance to join Arsenal as he supports them, and probably above Champions League.

    • It’s possible that we wouldn’t pay that much but Arsenal definitely WONT pay £20/30 mil.
      Is he good enough for Chelsea and City? Would they want him? They’re the only ones who can afford to pay that much
      I reckon £16mil would be enough – double yer money

    • Vila wont get £15-20m for him and if Levy does what Levy does best then i reckon we could pick him up for a bargin £9-£10m or less if they get relegated. We have 2 quality Belgians in Vert and Dembele andbi think that will be a major attraction to Benteke oh and Dazza your a retarded fuck-witt clearly knows fuck all about football, Spurs are a team on the up, progressing a developing season upon season,we have a good young hungry manager and and young hungry squad.

      • Dream on. Look at Downing £20 million. Young 10 months on Contract @ 16.5 million. You have no chance. absolute minimum if villa go down will be £20 million – plus if you do not make champions league and villa stay up he is likely to stay another season.

    • 30m? Do me a favour.

      If Benteke is sold, it’ll be for about 12m, tops. 30m, indeed. 30m is the BUYOUT cost of Isco, for heaven’s sake.

    • Sorry, did I read that correctly ? You reckon Villa want £30m for Benteke. Man, you are one seriously high motherphunker…better pass me your dealer’s number, that sh!t ur smoking is dope. Get with the programme my brummie friend. If Benteke wants a move, assisted by his agent, Villa won’t be getting even half of that figure. Spurs fans learned the hard way with Berbatov and Modric, except you don’t have a Daniel Levy on your Board do you ? No, didn’t think so…

  3. dazza, i’m bored in work, quiet day today, otherwise I wouldn’t comment on your idiotic contribution however you are so wrong I decided to point out that Bentekes highly regarded fellow countrymen Dembele and Vertonghen both joined Tottenham, as did Holtby, Dempsey and Siggie, add to that the best young english talent, the best player on current form in the EPL, an amasing new training facility, the prospect of playing Champs League football and of course the new stadium to come and I would think Benteke would be extremely happy in his new surroundings being the first choice striker at a team that creates a serious amount of chances each game. Spurs fans are not ridiculous enough to think they are Barca or Real Madrid but I don’t see Benteke being linked with them, do you? no you don’t, you see him being linked with Spurs and most likely that’s where he will be playing ball next season. Great to think of how he’ll complete our team, we really are missing a decent forward and he’ll fit nicely into the roll. stop being so bitter, Benteke is tailor made for Spurs

  4. Benteke’s a Gooner which isn’t ideal, though Bergkamp was a Spurs man. Son-Heung Min isn’t the out and out forward we need really, though he is a great player.

    All going to depend on CL qualification I guess. Think that raiding Serie A would be a great shout, with established players like Osvaldo and Jovetic, alongside young stars like Paulo Dybala and Mattia Destro.

  5. it doesnt matter who a player supported in his youth, how many players end of playing at clubs they supported as kids?? apart from Robbie Keane (who supported everyone) there is not many.. lennon was leeds, defoe was arsenal, i believe Bale was a Giggs (Man U) fan… and so on, it’s completely irrelevant who a player once supported. We’ll take Benteke and make him a more productive player and prolific striker, or he can stay at Villa and fester away…

  6. I always thought that once we passed up the chance of signing a striker in the January transfer window, it was because we couldn’t sign the/a player we wanted (after the Damiao deal fell through).

    The Benteke deal couldn’t happen then because of FIFA regulations, but its a transfer that make PERFECT sense.
    I DO see this happening providing that Villa go down (which will mean they can’t afford to ask for stupid money) and Spurs finally end this absurd chase for the largely unproven and overvalued Damiao?

  7. And here they are again commenting on spurs articles because they are afraid… *sigh
    Always saying that they are not doing such thing, but they do just look at this pathetic duo…bleh!

  8. Funny how all you Arse’n’hole spackies get onto Spurs blogs because your season is so mundane. Good to know that Wenger is still jaded tho. Walcott really is a better player than Bale, at negotiating over-paid contracts, maybe he could the next Ronaldo if he made the same salary! Good luck you dumb goons

  9. Benteke would do nicely for me, he even makes dodgy spanish villa look useful at times, just think what he could do for a great team!
    Spurs can have a Belgian slant that’s tastier than their chocolates.

  10. I really hope that we don’t sign this player as I don’t think he is that good and not what Spurs really need. At Villa, who are a very poor team at the moment, Benteke is the one scoring most of the goas but he misses a lot more than he gets on target. He also doesn’t like to play as a lone striker and plays on the shoulder a bit like Defoe. I would hope that Spurs buy a better striker than him especially as Levy has kept the Spurs fans waiting so long to get one. I hope he goes back in for Dalmiao and just signs him whatever it takes.

    • I do agree with u Benteke is a very raw player. We need a striker who can also pick out a pass. Like a Jovetic, but I think he is out of our price range it would be great. But then again I could be wrong about Benteke because he does look like a very exciting striker.

  11. All boils down to cash. Spurs and Arsenal are selling clubs just like everybody else so wouldn’t stump up the money for a guy who has had a half decent season so far. It would take three times the amount Villa paid (£22.8m) to trigger his release and only Chelsea and City would consider that amount on a player who could suffer second season syndrome like 90% of other players who come to England and make a good start. This is just his agent trying to engineer a move to London and bag a £2m+ fee for the deal. If they think Lambert is someone to mess with they will have a shock. Whoever bags him if this story has legs will have to dig deep, Villa are stripping back and rebuilding and any players that come in and move on will be at a hefty profit which fits with our new remit. We sold donkey downing for £20m, Young with 10 months of contract left for £16.5m so Benteke will be £25m + or don’t bother ringing. UTV

  12. RhinoNeal.

    Please point out a better striker in the premier league with proven goal scoring ability at this level that spurs could buy? Bent maybe? thats about it. Lukaku?….hmmmm there are not many around.

  13. astonmilan – i might be wrong but do you fix the prices of players that villa sell???? i doubt it, levy will get his man for 15million most… as for downin 20 million yes thats right but look who bought him and look how much money they threw at poor players like carroll, henderson, joke hole etc. spurs will take benteke for no more than 15, and if spurs want him, he will join them, simple.

    • and before any dope tries to tell me Joke Hole was free, he wasn’t, he got 90,000 a week over for years, thats a whole lotta dough

    • No but when he signed his 4 year contract 5 1/2 months ago for £7.6m there was a release clause put in it rumoured to be 3 times the price. We don’t have to sell anybody and there isn’t a relegation clause either. We don’t sell for cheap and Levy will get the same answer as City did when they offered £14m, then £16m, then £18m for Milner. We ended up with £24m and Ireland. This player has a long contract and nothing Levy or Spurs do will devalue his worth to AVFC.

      • rumours is it? bit of a clutch but hey i suppose you villains need something to cling to. 30 million? i mean bentekes alright and he’d improve our forward line no doubt but don’t be a moron, there’s no way he has a 30 mil get out clause – thats just plain fcuking stupid, now jog on back to the villain site and discuss relegation with the rest of your ilk

        • might want to learn….and read. its 3 X 7 million and makes sense to protect us against this exact example. 3 X 7.5 million =……22.5 million.

          • what do i need to learn you muppet? how to convert sterling to euro??? you fcuking moron. now please fcuk off to the villa message board if they have one and discuss how shit your team is

  14. Benteke is not good enough, i want someone with top class quality like a Giovinco at Juventus, Cavani at Napoli, Menez at PSG or Reus at Borussia Dortmund.

    Spurs (not Spuds, that joke makes no sense) are a big club who want to push on to win the Premier League, that’s what i want also. And why not, we are now the 4th most likely team to win this league so why not have that as a goal.

    • I’m sorry butwhere nver going to get any of those players don’t be a twerp I ve Spurs and do believe if they are able to unearth that striker than watch out but be relistic were not going to get Cavani come on.

  15. benteke isnt that good. i dunno why all the villa fans on here reckon they’ll get 30mill for him!!! i imagine if we buy him he’ll only sit on the bench. we need proper strikers at the lane please

  16. Gotta laugh at these Spuds lot, a) you are a selling club just like us and the others under the big boys b) you’ll never win the league c) if he goes it will be to City or Chelsea who can afford to buy him and pay him a big wage. You’ve done well this year and hats off but the league is poor from top to bottom and it’s been your time to shine in the shadows of the big guns but you can’t compete with Utd’s stature or Chelsea and City’s wealth. 4th at best is it chaps and seriously, well done, Spurs are a great club. Plus anyone who thinks £22.8m is unreasonable they should take a reality check. That’s the way football is now. Not saying he’s worth it. UTV

    • So true. Its sad but only Chelsea or the 2 Gunchester clubs will be the only league champions for the next 10 years….the rest of the league is very close, whichever team you are. Come on….EVEN WBA have been mixing it with the top 8 this season….well trying to.

  17. Is he good enough for spurs ? In truth I’m not sure. I like what I’ve seen of him so far but some players like being a big fish in a small pond and that’s what he is at the moment. Taking the step u can be too much for so many players as we’ve seen in the past.
    Is he world class? Not sure, maybe could be. Spurs need the complete package to complement the speed of our support play. I dont think spending the whole budget on 22 year old raw Belgian who has played one season for villa is quite the answer. If there is value in it we will go for him, if not , jog on lad, we can go after a brazilian international with all the frills again.


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