One of the criticisms of Spurs, particularly earlier in the season was directed at our inability to hold on to a lead. With the side sitting back and trying to absorb pressure, Tottenham’s defence conceded many, costly late goals and this issue came to a head in December when 1-0 at Everton turned into 1-2 in the dying minutes.

On Thursday night in Lyon, a 0-0 scoreline will see us progress in the Europa League but William Gallas has urged his team mates to be positive and to go out and play their own game.

“We have to play our game and we can score at any time,” said William on the club’s official website.

“We don’t have to try to come back to London with a 0-0 scoreline, because if they score and we then fail to score, we’ll be out.

“If we put them under pressure straight away they will be wary because if they concede a goal, they will be in trouble. We have to play our game, the way we play all the time and then I think then we can qualify.”

After taking his place in the first leg, Gallas could start in the heart of defence once again but the key to this game could lie in Tottenham’s attack where a positive approach should settle the tie in our favour.



  1. The lads HAVE to approach this as one-off cup game. Trying to play the aggregate score, as opposed to the score on the night is a dangerous game.

    Lyon can be got at. They are a decent side, but for the first 45mins at WHL we completely controlled the match and could/should have been 2-0 up by the break.

    The problem for me was that we appeared to take our foot of the gas in the second half, and could not really maintain possession in forward areas of the field, in the initial 10/15mins after the interval. Combine that with the fact that Lyon surely must of received a rocket up ’em from their manager, and Spurs just didn’t match French teams intensity in that period, an equaliser did not come as a huge surprise.

    Adebayor seems to be ‘scapegoat of the month’at the moment, and the way some of the home fans turned on him that night was DISTASTEFUL at best!
    I watched his performance closely in that match and what I saw was a player who is SHORT ON CONFIDENCE, NOT A PLAYER WHO DOESN’T CARE.

    We should all know by now that ADE IS’NT the most aggressive player in the air. Lumping long balls up to his head IS NOT the kind SERVICE that TOGOLESE striker has EVER really thrived of. Truth is apart from Dembele pass ,in the first half, Ade was largely feeding of scraps with Dempsey doing little to supplement the attack.

    Even though Ade must of been frustrated with his lack of service, did he down tools and walk around the pitch waiting to receive the ball (like some sections of the media have previously suggested)? NO. He ran, he harried and he even tracked 50/60 yards backs to win balls/ fill in gaps, on a number of occassions.

    Sarcastically cheering a player who is low on confidence but still giving their all is COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE to say the least. What Ade NEEDS right now is the unconditional support of those who CLAIM to have the teams best interests at heart!!!!

  2. The reason spurs fans are a little disgruntled with Ade isn’t really down to what he did on the pitch, rather he took some time off to party with his mates and got stuck somewhere in africa. The club ended up chartering a plane for him to get home. That really is quite unprofessional of him and some people think it points to a lack of respect to his employers and the clubs fans.
    He needs to understand how the fans feel about this and do something about it

    • A party well deserved, in my opinion!


      So Ade enjoyed a knees up after his exertions in the ACON’ can we begrudge in that after his exploits in his native motherland? I think not.

      To EXPECT Ade to return, to play a game that same week IS NO DIFFERENT from EXPECTING Lennon or Walker to return after a Euros Tournament and play the following weekend….And yet we do not EXPECT.

      Did Ade ACTUALLY miss a game? NO. He came back and made himself available.

      Which leads me to believe some ‘supporters’ have another axe to grind with the former Arsenal man….


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