The better Gareth Bale gets, the more rumours of a summer departure start to appear. Today has seen talk of an £80 million approach from Real Madrid at the end of the season as the Welshman continues to defy superlatives while his form seems to improve all the time.

Talk of a departure will also lead to a host of rumours about a successor and one of the earliest names in the frame is that of French Under 21 winger Antoine Griezmann. The left sided player is 22 next month and despite his French allegiance, has been at Real Sociedad for his entire professional career.

Griezmann has an impressive scoring record from his wide position and has netted 23 times in 120 league matches in Spain. Reports suggest that he is improving all the time and two recent goals in La Liga are believed to have put some top European Clubs on alert.

Griezmann could be available for £8 million which is small change compared to Bale’s reported fee. Rumours of a successor are likely to gain momentum now but in reality, there is only one Gareth Bale – but is he irreplaceable?



  1. PLEASE don’t talk about Gareth Bale leaving Spurs; we’re chasing down a CL slot and can even finish 3rd. If successful Bale will stay with us because he loves this club and he knows we have a world class coach too. Bale can see what’s happened to Modric at RM (a team in flux at present anyway) which will make him more cautious about going abroad. He’s a home boy and I just hope we can repay what he’s done for us this season and put him in the CL in a Spurs shirt where he belongs.
    To talk about some french winger in the same breath as Bale is just nonsense.

  2. Look at where Bale is playing nowadays: left wing, behind the striker, and as the front man. AVB is allowing the fluid front 3 that he had at Porto. This means other players of similar versatility need to be brought in. Antoine Griezmann is a player like that, able to play anywhere across the front three, although yes primarily on the left wing. Griezmann will allow Bale to play in other positions more comfortably without compromising width and will add quality to the squad. £8 million is a steal as well.

    Bringing in Iago Aspas, Antoine Griezmann and AVB’s Moutinho could be exactly what we need for next year to hold on to Bale and succeed in the league and Europe.


  3. He is irreplaceable, at least in the the short term. He is a player that Spurs need to keep. We all here the ramblings that, if CL is ours Bale stays, but its more important than that. If Gareth stays, they will come. Players want to be on the pitch with in form stars. It will open the door to young wonder kids, the next Bale/Ronaldo will be wanting to join our youth program. Talent breeds talent and that’s what we need to win trophies. I just hope Gareth knows that this is a team with potential to be built around him.

  4. I’m honestly not worried about losing bale in the short term. If he goes it will be for an insane fee, especially if his form continues. I don’t think bale will pull a modric to force a trade either. He’s too classy for that and I think he understands that the THFC organization helped him become what he is and that Levy isn’t exactly a push-over when it comes to trade negotiations.

    I also really believe that he enjoys playing under AVB.

  5. None of the media people trying to sell Bale for us are Spurs fans. Che$ki and Arsen*l have control of the press so it’s no surprise that anyone who plays well for us gets ‘sold’ in the middle of the season.

    No matter how far off the transfer window is, the wishful unsettling and ‘tapping up’ will go on every day throughout the rest of this season, and it will be the lead story on day 1 of next season and every other season after this.

    He’s only 23, with a price tag of £80-£100m, so we’ve got years of this complete nonsense to put up with, and the only way they can offer him around is on a half-price sale deal to make their non-stories work.

  6. Even though I hate the talk of a Bale “replacement” I’d still snap this guy up espiacially cosiderind Bale has started playing in the middle more and we need a natreul winger. Siggy played great but we r unbalanced right now when Bale is in the middle. Dempsey isn’t an option and I don’t know how good Townsend is yet, tho I do want him to get into the side more next year.


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