Tottenham’s head coach Andre Villas-Boas has already inferred that the club are unlikely to start next season with five senior centre halves but who from the current quintet will make way? Until now, the assumption was that William Gallas would leave in the summer but there is a growing rumour of a deal involving fellow Frenchman Younes Kaboul.

Anzhi Makhachkala are the interested party and the club have yet to adequately replace Christopher Samba who left for QPR in the January transfer window. Samba was an effective defender in the Russian Premier League and also scored some useful goals in his brief stay with Anzhi.

Meanwhile, Younes has been beset by injury problems this season and has not had a chance to prove anything to the new head coach.

Gallas may still leave but will Kaboul go with him? Russian money is hard to refuse for both club and player and a proposed £10m bid may be enough to convince Tottenham that the Frenchman is surplus to requirements.



  1. Last season Kaboul was our best defender – would be a huge mistake to sell him – when fit he would be my first choice at centre half – Gallas has been good for Spurs, but is showing his age.

  2. Total speculation!! Why would spurs sell arguably their best defender for a poultry £10M he is worth double that (although I don’t know how long he has left on his contract)
    I think the 4 defenders we will have left after gooner reject gallas leaves us ( with his huge wages) spurs 4 central defenders will be the envy of the majority of European top sides. Besides why would Kaboul want to go to Russia with the cold weather racist fans and underwhelming league??


  4. Nope- Gallas is old and as much as he has been a decent player for us- we need to think of the future- having Kaboul, Caulker, Vertoghren and Dawson has a good balance of experience, youth and desire which i think all those players have- Kaboul was an absolute rock for us last season, we should keep him and let Gallas go.

  5. This story is complete crap AVB has stated we need 4 centre halves for next season they will be Daws Vert Caulker and Kaboul. Gallas has been decent this season but only because he is being given a decent resting period between games he is 36 and doesn’t have the pace he used to so he will be moved on. Why would we sell a very good defender only to have to go out and find a replacement our defence is probably the best we have had in many years so there is no way in hell AVB will dismantle it we are trying to build not destroy the team

  6. This article is a waste of bandwidth. Our 4 CB’s will obviously be Dawson, Vertonghen, Caulker and Kaboul with Vertonghen and Kaboul the likely starting two. Gallas is 36, on big wages, injury prone and unreliable. Kaboul is young, good and worth more than £10m. Nonsense article.

  7. I think Brumspur is correct. Those 2 as starting CB pairing looks quality and having Daws and Caulker as rotation would also be great options. Personally, I’d keep 5 CBs and retain Gallas but keep him for injury back-up only.

  8. Madness to sell Kaboul and avb isn’t mad – he’s a bloody genius ! We’ll have the bast back 4 in the EPL behind the best sweeper-keeper – love that phrase, visions of Lloris sweeping up his goal area with a broom whilst Bale peppers the opposition goal from all angles and we get possession stats up to 92% !!
    IF one goes, then Gallas is the likeliest candidate purely based on age not ability, I think he’s done well this season. The 2nd is Dawson based purely on early season speculation.

  9. I think Tottenham should sell both Kaboul and Gallas.
    Gallas is out of contract, he would definitely leave.
    And we must sell Kaboul for around 8mil pounds, I don’t think someone would offer about 10 for a player who would be 28 next season.
    And as a replacement, Tottenham should buy Toby Alderweireld from Ajax (around 8mil would be enough I think, as he’s contract is until 2014). Toby would be 24 next season, and he is much younget than Kaboul. Why would we keep Kaboul, if after couple of seasons, he’s value would be around 4mil.

    CB must be: Dawson / Vertonghen , and as a substitute: Alderweireld / Caulker.

  10. Interesting call.
    I think absence might have made the heart grow fonder in the case of Kaboul who has injury problems and goes awol from time to time. Not the most focussed of players.
    Gallas will go or perhaps stay until we replace Kaboul with someone younger and with more potential.
    If we could get somewhere around £10million+ it might just happen.
    Probably won’t though it’s too imaginative.
    Keep on blogging man.

  11. Bad idea. The man is vital in our future success. Willie will leave at the end of the season. Dawson, Caulker, Vertonghen and Kaboul is as strong as it gets and we would be insane to sell any of these players. Whatever the racist russians offer. The only player I would like to see go would be Adebeyor.


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