Friedel: Don’t sit back

Friedel: Don’t sit back


Spurs carry a three goal lead into the second leg of our Europa League tie with Inter Milan this Thursday but there are some concerns that the club has been stripped of its most potent threats.

Gareth Bale will definitely miss the match in Milan due to suspension while Aaron Lennon remains a doubt following the hamstring problem that caused him to miss the contest at Anfield on Sunday. As a result, there may be a temptation just to guard the lead but Brad Friedel has urged his team mates to go all out for an away goal.

“They are still in the match at 3-0, but we’ll go out there with the attitude to score. And if we get that decisive away goal it will be a mountain to climb for them,” Friedel said.

“Away goals are so important and getting a clean sheet is vitally important – as was the third goal before going to the San Siro. Before the game we would have taken 3-0.”

Brad is likely to keep his place ahead of Hugo Lloris and the American may be busier than he was at White Hart Lane a week ago. Spurs have a healthy lead but if we can clinch an away goal at some point in ninety minutes, surely the tie will be over.



  1. My starting eleven, if possible, would be:
    Friedel; Walker, Caulker, Vertonghen, BAE; Dembele, Huddlestone, Parker; Sigurdsson, Holtby; Defoe.
    Subs: Lloris; Dawson, Naughton; Livermore, Carroll; Lennon; Dempsey, Adebayor.

    Nobody wants Aaron Lennon risked unless one hundred percent fit, plus I think if we flood the midfield, we stand a better chance of taking control.

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