With little to report in the way of actual news, the media is making a great deal out of Gareth Bale’s decision to sign a new agreement with BT which will see him feature as a pundit on the company’s television channels for the next three years.

Gareth has been involved with BT for some time now and his official statement on the subject reads,

“I am delighted to continue my relationship with BT by becoming a BT Ambassador,” said Bale.

“I feel honoured to join an exciting band of inspirational sporting figures, which has included Olympic heroes like the Brownlee brothers and Paralympic gold medallist Jonnie Peacock.

“A great deal has changed in my football career since my first partnership with BT, and I am happy to extend that relationship for the next three years,” said Bale.

“I am excited about the launch of BT Sport and I am happy to play my part in making it a big hit.”

The reports claim that Gareth’s arrangement makes him more likely to stay on at Spurs, although he could conceivably offer full value to BT by operating in other parts of the UK. But does it really rule out a move abroad?





  1. We can read into it that Bale is not particularly interested in leaving at the moment.

    However as we all know, anything is possible in football and depending on where we finish/whether clubs start offering big money for him, it could change.

  2. Yes Iver, the inference of which is that BT wont have wanted a Real Madrid player to advertise their EPL service.

    Combined with the zero chance of Levy selling to Man U/City/Chelsea this says to me he’s staying.


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