Yesterday, reports began to emerge that Swansea were preparing a move to sign our reserve winger Andros Townsend on a permanent deal when the transfer window opens again in the summer. Andros has impressed while on loan at Queens Park Rangers and with reports of Premiership interest coming in, the player is unlikely to be aiming for Championship football next season.

However, yesterday’s reports have been countered by stories emerging today suggesting that Swans Chairman Huw Jenkins has denied the deal. Swansea have enjoyed success fielding Spurs youngsters in the past and Steven Caulker really made his name with the club last year but Jenkins has apparently insisted that the rumours are unfounded.

As for Townsend’s future, he can cover either flank and even without the benefit of hindsight, is he good enough to stay at the club next season and understudy both Bale and Lennon on the wings?



  1. Absolutely essential. He is an excellent player and has proved how good he is at this level. Obvious candidate to challenge Bale & Lennon.

  2. No not required at all, not good enough, won’t get in the side and won’t want to sit on the bench either. If we change to a 4-3-3 system he fit that either.

    Two time 24 year-old Europa League winner costing £4 million on low wages or Townsend who we can sell to a mid-table club (his level) for £5 million?

    It’s a no-brainer.

    • Should we have both?

      Capel would be 1st choice lw, with Townsend as backup for both flanks.

      Even in that situation, we would still need a 4th winger.

    • Me……….have you been watching QPR, if he watch his performances this season compared to Lennon you would not be saying that.

      He broke the record for most dribbles around opponents in 1 game 2 weekends ago with 9, the guy has a lethal shot and has a great touch, he works hard too.

      Thankfully you dont work for Spurs, just stream a QPR game this weekend and watch him, I promise you will think differently, the europa league games make everyone including Townsend look shit

  3. If he had not gone out on loan, we would not be in the predicament that we are in now, he would have provided excellent cover for both of them while they have been off injured.

  4. With Gareth Bale’s departure, if we are unable to qualify for the CL (which seems extremely likely now due to Spurs’s obsession with the EL), Townsend would be the obvious replacement!

  5. Yes we must keep him. The lack of wingers and quality of our squad is clearly apparent. I also blame Levy and co for not purchasing a decent striker in January. Unfortunately we are destined to end up 5 or 6th as we have relied too much on Bale this season not replacing VDV, Modric or Pav. We look a sorry shadow of the team who were chasing 3rd or 2nd earlier this season and personally I’m looking forward to the close season and a rebuild for next term. We must keep Towny!!!!


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