Tottenham head for their most crucial four games of the season but they may have to do so without the services of their consistent defensive midfielder Moussa Dembele. The Belgian international had to be withdrawn during the Wigan game on Saturday and he has been forced to sit out training for the early part of this week in order to give himself the best possible chance of facing Southampton this weekend.

There may be some better news however with reports that Younes Kaboul is training himself ahead of those vital fixtures.

“Hopefully we can have him available for the last games,” said Head Coach Andre Villas-Boas regarding the French International.

But there’s no definitive news on Dembele and having struggled to cover for the Belgian earlier in the season, will this be a significant blow to our hopes of finishing in the top four?



  1. I really don’t think we can blame the lack of 4 games with Moussa the reason we will not qualify for CLnext season. Since loosing to the Pool, in a game we had won, we have been shite for the most. We are not moving the ball quickly enough form midfirled to the fornt and by the time we do their dfence is back and ready. Big Tom can make an impact now hopefully and fianlly get his hair cut.

    • Totally agree…since Liverpool spurs have been awful & on form we can’t be guaranteed to get 3 pts against Stoke away, or Southampton at home. Wigan should have been a sound 3pts….we went 1-0 up & then fluffed our part.

    • helen, and all you other morons, the word losing is not spelt loosing, what is wrong that nearly every single english person can’t get that right? it’s your bloody language, try and learn to spell it correctly… as for the other typos, let’s just call them that shall we?

  2. yes Big Tom can replicate that vital goal against Bolton that helped us get CL. And he can look forward to a hot summer with a shaved head!

  3. I think we can probably get away with Holtby coming in for Dembele against Southampton. Then Mousa will have had 10 days to get ready for Chelsea.

  4. If Dembele is out we will play huddlestone and have another poor performance like the last time he was injured!

    I think we should play vertonghen in a defensive midfield role (with verts out), would give us more stability defensively and it would give more freedom to the guys infront of him to play more attacking football.

  5. Tom Carroll is the best replacement for Dembele. Carroll is a better player than Dembele so this will dramatically improve the team.


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