All of the ‘will he won’t he’ stories involving Gareth Bale seem very positive at the moment and all currently seem to suggest that the player will be around next season, irrespective of whether we qualify for the Champions League.

Head Coach Andre Villas-Boas seems very confident and the boss feels that a meeting with the player earlier in the campaign has directly led to an explosion in form.

“I had Gareth knocking on my door once, not crying, but he was complaining a little bit. He said he wanted me to help him to enjoy his football a little more,” Andre said.

“We had a good conversation. Hopefully it turned out well for both of us. From that moment onwards his drive, his passion and his ambition towards the height of elite football has been immense and it shows through the great season he has had.”

The player’s comments are also positive although the issue of Champions League football is never far away.

“When I first moved to the club six years ago, they showed me the plan for the club and it has obviously been a progression since then,” said Bale.

“The whole club wants to move in the right direction. We all want Champions League football, that’s our target and it is something we can still do.”



  1. My gut feeling is that Bale will stay. Believe it or not some players would rather help their present club to success rather than join a club where it’s almost guarenteed. Where’s the acheivment in joining a club that will be in the European Champions league every year. That precious little person Michael Owen left Liverpool and they won the European Cup without him. Then when he couldn’t get into the Madrid team he wanted to come back, but oh delicious irony no big club wanted him and he’s finished up while undoubtedly wealthy, no where near the player he could have been if he hadn’t been so self absorbed.
    I think Bale is an altogether better character and will in time acheive big things at Spurs

    • Maybe a tad harsh on Owen there? Real Madrid will always be a huge carrot for any player. If they want someone, they will pay the cash. If they put a cash on the table, Levy will sell. Funding the NDP will remain a key issue and £40,50,60,x million is a huge percentage of the build cost…

  2. Spurs don’t have the stability to do an Emirates bomb to their finances. For Arsenal to make top 4 every year even when saddled with the debt of the stadium? That’s just something we can’t do, and I don’t have enough years left in my life to support Spurs through 5-6 more years of mediocrity just for the stadium to turn around their fortunes especially now that Arsenal have and are on their way back up again. That’s just too cruel don’t you think?


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