The majority of the Tottenham squad are now enjoying their summer holidays:  Kyle Walker has been Tweeting from Barbados while the public have been trying to spot Gareth Bale who is currently taking a break in Florida.

In the meantime, there’s no rest for Clint Dempsey who has been instrumental in USA’s ongoing World Cup qualifying campaign and for our midfielder / striker / in the hole / impact sub, there is one more game to go against Honduras on June 18th.

It’s been a great few months at international level for the 30 year old and the period began with former Spur Jurgen Klinsmann awarding Clint the captain’s armband back in March. As the season finished, Dempsey scored twice in a memorable win over Germany and in doing so he took his international goal tally to 35 although he needs another 14 to catch up with another current player – Landon Donovan – on the all time USA list.

The US stand on the brink of qualification to Brazil 2014 and Clint Dempsey has been instrumental in their recent success. At Spurs however, his role in the team remains an issue but the club’s hardest working player seems unlikely to be offloaded anytime yet.



  1. I hope he keeps banging in goals for the USA in order to generate some interest, and increase his price tag!
    I have no doubt Levy would be ruthless enough to offload Dempsey should a good offer comes in, making the only question: ‘ How hard would AVB fight to keep him’?

    Decent player (who is even better than ‘decent’ when he feels he is the top dog, in the side for which he plays for) but the problem for him AND Spurs is that Tottenham require BETTER than decent if we are to achieve our objectives in the future!

    Clint, at Spurs, should be considered an impact sub at best, allowing greater technical talents like Townsend, Sigurdsson and Holtby the game time they require to fulfil their enormous potential.

    • Agreed, glad to see the price tag is moving in the right direction. There’s money to be made on this one and Levy knows it. I’d be very surprised if they didn’t move him on to free up some room for an out and out striker. Seems to make sense. We’ll see.

    • May very well of been the case, Sir. But the best way to make an impact in the US is to win cups, and unfortunately I just don’t see how Clint helps us do that… (not as a starter, anyway)!

      I am not sure of the impact Clint’s lukewarm displays for Tottenham, this season, would have had on the ‘Spurs brand’ out in America, but I do know the impact he has had on the clubs on-field fortunes this season and in all honesty it hasn’t been good enough in my opinion.

      Chelsea, Utd, City or Arsenal wouldn’t touch this guy with a bargepole, let alone start him week in week out…so why should we, considering these are the team we want to rival for the title?

      Nobody can question Dempseys finishing ability, but his overall game leaves a lot to be desired at a top end club.
      Hopefully if he continues banging them in for his country, Villa, Stoke, Newcastle (etc) will offer £8m + for his services.

  2. First of all, who is going to pay 8 mil for a 30 y/o who is referred to as simply “decent”? Secondly, when a player is bought rather cheaply and yet contributes with clutch goals (2nd leg Basel, City, Stoke to name a few) and hard work, why would you want to sell him? He can be an important role player for Spurs, who above all require depth in addition to a few quality players. Should he be an every day starter on a team challenging for a CL spot? Probably not – though I am curious as to how Holtby’s meager contributions rate him higher than Dempsey! On this current Spurs’ squad, Dempsey is an every day player, simply because he produces. If Spurs pick up some more quality midfielders/strikers, then Dempsey should and will be relegated to mostly a bench and rotational player.

    But every good team needs guys who understand adversity (grew up in a trailer park and lost his sister as a teenager), who are leaders (captain of US team), who play with grit and an edge, and who are capable of finishing. He can be a very useful addition to a good Spurs’ squad which has some quality strikers and creative midfielder. And Spurs aren’t going to get much for him at this point, so selling him at a profit and using those funds to find young players who can provide the same quality is, as they say, pure fantasy.

    • I think you might get 8 million for him. Some team might pick him up in the States if he keeps banging them in. I don’t disagree he’s a valuable squad player and has produced more then Holtby. Holtby will be good though I think.

  3. Hardworking!!!! have you been to the lane, he is one of the laziest players I have seen. Yes he is played out of position, but he is no help what so ever to the full backs and has cost us more goals than he has scored because of this. Get our money back


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