A couple of years ago we were debating the logic of selling of Jamie O’Hara as he came to the end of a loan spell at Wolves. Jamie would have been 24 at the time and had been on the fringes of the Spurs squad for some time as the Midlands Club looked to strike a permanent deal.

Wolves’ manager back then was Mick McCarthy and he certainly had a high opinion of the player as his words made a few fans question the wisdom of selling on.

“I think he hit a real peak when he came in then he dipped a little bit – which is natural coming back from injury – and now he’s been back at it again and he’s played really well in the last three games,” McCarthy said.

“When you’re playing in behind the front man you can afford to be a bit loose, but when there’s two of you in central midfield, you can’t. You need an engine and he’s a two-litre injection engine!”

Two seasons later and that engine has ground to a halt after two successive relegations at Molineux and news that O’Hara has been told that he can leave the club.

“As a starting point to a reshaped squad, Wolves have confirmed that Karl Henry, Stephen Ward, Jamie O’Hara and Roger Johnson have officially been made available for transfer,” reads a statement on the club’s official website.

“Conversations had already taken place with the players’ agents throughout the close season as Wolves prepare for the League One campaign.”

Your reaction to our question was mixed back in May 2011 and while some talent slips through the exit door, this is one decision that Spurs seem to have got right.



  1. Take him back by all means he is sitting on the 30k a week he gets here. Needs a new challenge was good on loan very much down hill after that and once he got his cosey 5 contract. He has to leave even if he wants to stay 30k in league one is silly money.

  2. I think he s been made a scapegoat by wolves fans . He was not match fit when he came back . He needed more time and we were in a desperate situation . And did not have the time to give him. Stupid comments on twitter and such like has made his position at wolves unattainable . However , a right off he is not . On his day he is a classy player and you don’t lose that . He will come back with a fresh start and I wish him well . A lot of people were embarrased about him being singled out at Brighton away last game , I wish him well for the future

  3. There’s no doubt about the effort O’Hara puts into matches but he’s not a team player, in my opinion and that’s why I want him to leave. He adulated in the glory Wolves fans gave him when on loan and he did a superb job for us…then he got his contract and he seemed to go off the boil. He had his injury which put him back, it has to be admitted – and he did play in pain before the operation. However, it all went wrong with the relegation from the Prem and he came in for some unnecessary flak from a section of Wolves fans when leaving the ground with his young boy in his arms for which it seems that Danielle and him found difficult to forgive. Danielle’s Twitter comments didn’t help matters and it’s clear that a breakdown has happened between him and the fans with Danielle seemingly not being happy with their association with us. He doesn’t want to stay and so there’s no point in him staying. Wolves need to rebuild and to get rid of several of their relegated twice first-teamers…of which he’s one.
    A final point, it was a Stoke fan who put him up for sale on eBay and not a Wolves fan.

  4. Reasons he should go
    • One good game in seven is not good enough.
    • His ego
    • His salary
    • His attitude towards WWFC was nothing short of disgraceful ….

    Wolves fans certainly did not make his position untenable, he did it all by himself, for the reasons above, and he and his wags behaviour in the media. We merely reacted to it.

    Cheers Chesney. You wont be missed.

  5. Thought the bloke did ok at spurs and was a useful squad player seen worst players at the lane, kevin scott, staurt nethercott spring to mind. could do a job at our feeder club wet spam ha ha

  6. He wasn’t as good as Huddleston was for us who was sheer class for a young lad at the time. But having said that O’Hara was better for us than Sicknote was. The 18 months we endured under Hoddle were dreadful and the only benefit of him coming was that he left which allowed Mick to arrive and provide a few years of excitement following the previous drought. So we’ve had a mixed bag from Spurs over the last nine years. Not dissing Spurs as I’ve always liked them…a glamour team which has deserved more success and has more than it’s fair share of bad luck.


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