Spurs have entered the pre-season period with just one new face in the squad but Hugo Lloris believes that the arrival of Paulinho already highlights the club’s ambition. The Brazilian arrived after a successful Confederations Sup campaign and Hugo is sure he will make a positive impact.

“It’s a good thing for us to have a Brazil international in our team,” said Lloris.

“It shows that the club is still developing and improving because we can have now some great players like Paulinho.”

There may be nearly seven weeks to go before the summer transfer window closes but the new campaign is just a month away and the need for Paulinho to be joined by new faces may already have been shown up in that 1-1 draw with Swindon. Gareth Bale scored our only goal of the match but the Welshman will need better support from the strikers if we are to hit the top four.

“It’s nice to see him in good form,” Hugo added after Bale’s performance.

“But pre-season is long so we need to concentrate on our work. It’s good to see him but it’s just the beginning.”

As good as Bale is, half-witted accusations of Spurs being a one man team have already surfaced after the Swindon game but the signing of one or two strikers should quickly bring them to a halt.



  1. yes! c’mon! u spurs brazilian paulinho ole! also like jackson martinez christian benteke alvaro vadillo alen halilovic & jese rodriguez Ideal! Tottenham Hotspur 1882 outlaws – casuals yid army!

  2. Love that our midfield is looking strong and maybe even stronger but when the hell will Daniel Levy ever learn!!! WE ARE NOT Spain. We need a striker and have done for a few years. It is so well documented that we have made money on transfers over the past few years even with the £17m spent on Paulinho. For gods sake buy a world class striker before its too late AGAIN. Stop making do with good strikers and spend some real money and show some real intent for once!!!!!!

    • The Paulinho signing is testament to Levy’s dedication not to replace Berbatov.
      That’s getting on 5 years now. This is the last window before fans become restless; it can’t be Harry, Camolli, Jol or AVB’s fault…….Levy is the common denominator.

      My comments are nothing personal against Paulinho. He’s a good player, just a shame he is not a striker.

      • Agree, I just wonder what it will take for DL to realise we need a striker and hopefully before the Asia trophy starts!!!

        • I just don’t know what the logic is. I understand being cost effective but to progress you need CL money, to get the better players you need CL football, to keep your people (Bale & AVB especially) then again you need CL football.

          I’d love to hear what Levy and Lewis talk about. I wonder what they see through their eyes. They cant be happy being so close yet keep missing out.

          • Business is all about making money I grant that but you must have to speculate to accumulate so please Mr Levy and Lewis start speculating. I guarantee that there will be rewards for your efforts!!!

            It’s called the champions league!!!!!

  3. Daniel Levy is in profit over the last five windows to the tune of £23 million which proves that the owner and chairman have not really invested anything in the club in that time. I know Levy is concerntrating on a new stadium but what is the point if you don’t have a decent team to fill it. If you keep on buying mid table players where do you suppose we will end up?

    Levy really worries me because I feel he is holding the team back although I am pleases he has finally released the purse strings as far as wages go but he has made so many errors in judgement when it comes to the transfer windows that is why I was pleased when Baldini came in. I only hope though that he is allowed to do what is needed and Levy doesn’t interfere too much.

  4. Rhino, I completely agree! That fact is we are a well run club financially but what we need is the big man to speak to mr Lewis to clear mr Levy to release some major funds and BUY A WORLD CLASS STRIKER, plain and simples or if the truth be told 2 WCS’s

    Don’t get me wrong I know we are building the Northumberland development project but we need to invest in a squad to challenge for the title, not the top 4 but the title plain and simple. If we fall short there at least we are trying and will at least finish top 4 but if we aim for just the top 4 we are setting ourselves up for a potential failure!!!

    • And how much do you suppose these ‘World class strikers’ cost, Neil?

      Is risking everything the team/Levy has achieved in the last few seasons REALLY worth putting the club into financial difficulties,for?

      There is NO guarantee buying a new striker (for any price) will improve the teams fortunes, anyhow.

      I understand that in business you need to speculate to accumulate, but not at the cost of everything we have built thus far!

      Levy knows what he is doing. under his tenure we have achieved our best EVER finishes, AND points tallys in the EPL.

      Like Levy, and MYSELF, it is imperative we continue remain both patient and faithful in order to see our desires/dreams manifest. Otherwise we risk destroying a flourishing vision before its full completion.

      • I agree that he has turned the fortunes of Spurs around and given US a very stable platform but to me he just needs to get the transfers in sooner than transfer deadline day. Preferably before the first game. As for the world class striker I crave, about £20-30M that should cover quite a few!

        As for risking everything, we are in profit from transfers over the last 5 years or so. So to expect or TBH hope for that striker that other top teams crave to me is not unreasonable.

        As for being patient and faithful. I am both to an extent, we have been waiting for several tsfr windows for that coveted striker and as you say Ade and Defoe when on form and interested in the game(Ade) we are quality but yes a quality striker might not change our fortunes but I believe they will in one of a few ways.

        1- shows the quality players we currently have (Bale, Paulinho, Vertonghen etc) that we are an ambitious club not willing to take 2nd best (Europa League Football) all the time.
        2- in showing our ambition we will keep those high profile players at the club and attract more of that caliber. Yes we have class players but only 1 maybe 2 world class players ATM.
        3- the rewards for just making the group stages of the CL would pay for that 1 WC player and leave money to spare.

        So in a nut shell I would pesonally like to see spurs going for that extra quality player rather than just good players.

        I also understand about the wages having an impact.

      • I look at speculating as spend big money (25m – 30m fee, 20m wages over 4 years) on a great striker to try and push us on. The kind of player who can score a goal out of nothing, who can change a 0-0 draw into a 1-0 win. This player must be young, with the potential to have a re-sale value in line with our operating model.

        We may have to get into a debt to cover this outlay but that debt is against the sale value of Bale and re-sale value of the new striker. This should cover the risk and negate any long term ‘financial difficulties’.

        There is no guarantees doing this will change our fortunes but as the motto goes ‘to dare is to do’.

        I’ve been a big Levy fan over the years, I still hold the man in high regard but everything is about opportunity and timing. Chelsea over the last 3 years have been at their weakest and Arsenal have been weak for various reasons. Did we finish above these teams last year? Have we achieved 3rd place which has been very possible? Obviously the answer is no. You have to surpass these teams before you can even start looking at Man U and City. THERE HAS NOT BEEN A GREATER OPPORTUNITY THAN THE LAST 3 YEARS. That opportunity has passed for me, Chelsea will be stronger next year with Mourinho and I believe Arsenal will strengthen.

        Given what I’ve written above, with a new stadium on the horizon and the cost constraints which come with this (and how this has worked for Arsenal) then how will our desires/dreams be manifested?

        Last season record points total has to be credited for the most part to Bale and AVB. We lacked striking power (Ade’s 17 goals and 11 assists gone) and creativity (Modric and VDV gone). Levy gave AVB the following formula to work with TOTTENHAM – VDV/MODRIC + DEMPSEY/SIGGY/MOUSSA/HOLTBY = a team with less quality. Levy can not take credit for last years record points.

        • That’s exactly how I feel mate. Chelski and Ar5ena1 are going to be much stronger than last year and we still haven’t addressed the striker situation!!

          We have a solid backline in Lloris, Kaboul and Vertonghen, strong midfield in Sandro, Dembele and Paulinho but our forward line is really looking like average, yes we have Bale who IMO is looking like our best striking option as both Defoe and Ade don’t seem to have a solid season between them ATM.

          So all is looking good except for the obvious. With as I keep stating and as Danny has said if we get that one striker who can stay fit and create chances from nothing get us those extra points over the course of the season, we will keep pushing for that coveted top 4.

          If we keep failing to address the obvious we will slip further behind as everyone else strengthens their weaknesses.

          • I totally agree Neil. We have been so close and we need 2 strikers to have a chance of getting CL but it will be harder than ever this year for me.

            In terms of strikers, we have not replaced Berbatov for 5 years. It really is this window or face the consequences.

  5. If Levy had brought top strikers two seasons ago we would have qualified for the Champions league two years on the trot and pulled in over £60 Million revenue, that’s right Mr Levy SIXTY MILLION POUNDS and the gooners would have had £60 MILLION LESS TO SPEND ON PLAYERS.


  6. Might I remind you people with short-term memories, that BEFORE Levy arrived, we were a club/team full of the type of mediocrity (in terms of playing staff) that was unable to supply our forward line with adequate service to consistently get Spurs into THE TOP 10, let alone the Champions League!!!

    NOW we have a team FULL of International calibre players, striving year in, year out, to mix it with our RICHER counter-parts (both at home and abroad) and yet still a select few, who have NO concept of managing/running their own bank balances- let alone a football club- choose to complain!!!

    Before Levy, and his shrewd managing of Tottenham Hotspur, how often were teams such as Man Utd, R.Madrid or ANY other heavyweight of European football linked with Spurs players??? …the answer…Not very often, at all. Since Levy has become chairman, it has become a regular occurrence. Why don’t you sheep stop and ask yourselves, why?

    Levy is one of the BEST things to EVER happen to this club and it’s about time a few of you realised that!!!

    So we haven’t brought a striker… If you numbskulls actually analysed Tottenham’s failings last season, IN DETAIL, you would realise that adequate service was the MAIN ISSUE last term, NOT the quality of our forward line.

    When was the last game that Defoe/Ade missed 2/3 CLeaR CUT chances in a single match???

    You can complain about our strikers, or lack of them all you want, but the truth is THE TEAM WASN’T as productive as they could of been (with regards to chances created), so to solely blame the forwards (or the chairman) is both boring and predictable.

    Ade IS a capable enough striker to fire us into fourth, or higher, as he has proved in the past. The same applies to Defoe.

    While the Togolese front-man might not have enjoyed his best season last year, whose to say he won’t come back this term like a man with a point to prove and regain the for that convinced us to sign him permanently?

    Regardless of the ifs, buts and maybes, the FACT is that window HASN’T even closed yet, and still a handful of our own ‘support’ continue to infest these forums with your incessant whining/complaining.

    Please do people like myself, who choose to look deeper than the illusion of the mere surface (when it comes to how our club is ran), a favour and CHANGE THE BLOODY RECORD!!!!

    With reagrds



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