As Tottenham’s summer search for a striker continues, the Daily Star have led today with a story linking the club with an official bid for Spanish international Roberto Soldado. However, the offer which is said to be on the table falls some way short of Valencia’s valuation of their player.

The report goes on to claim that an initial bid of £17m has been rejected by the Spanish side and that they won’t be prepared to negotiate until a £30m release clause is met.

“The English team knows the situation. Valencia needs money. But we don’t have to sell our best player,” said Valencia President Amadeo Salvo.

Soldado is 28 now and has been with his current club since 2010 and in his professional career he comfortably averages more than a goal every other game – including a record of six in 11 for his country at full international level.

If the reports are true then it could be that Spurs are set to miss out on yet another transfer target but is Roberto Soldado worth breaking the bank for?




  1. I would rather we spent that 25m on Benteke and not Soldado I really dont rate him at all. Valencia Prez is smoking too much with a release clause like that.

  2. Not real, this has “leaked” to force Villa’s hand over Benteke.

    Knowing that we wont pay over the odds Villa are playing hard ball, so leaking a story like this then forces their hand as nobody else is in for him and Villa can not afford to keep an unhappy player of that value in the squad, they know it we know it so if they think we are looking elsewhere it forces them to accept the lower £18 million we have offered or at least drop down from the £25 million they think anyone will pay.

  3. Same old story with us and transfers ! We offered this, we offered that, we just missed out when all along we never actually bid a bloody bean. We can’t get rid of players because of their high wages or the ridiculous fee we ask for and no half decent player wants to come here because of no CL, the fact that we have a reputation of selling our best players and soon as DL shows an interest, the price goes up.
    Heaven knows how we managed to lure Paulinho here !!
    I quite expect to see Robbie Keane and Peter Crouch on season long loans to appear any minute.

  4. Yes, get him in now!!!! If we sign nobody else then he is the one. Can hold the line and play as 1 man striker which fits our setup. If we could get Damiao too then even better.

    • Can i play devils advocate with Damiao?

      If he’s the answer to our prayers, why is it only us, Saints and Napoli after him?? surely if he’s “That” good then your Reals, Barca’s even the likes of PSG and Monaco would be falling over themselves to buy him.

      Me thinks he’s not as good as people think he is and everybody but us Spurs fans know it


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