After a 1-1 draw with Swindon earlier in the week, Tottenham drew a blank on Friday night with a 0-0 scoreline against league one side Colchester. Once again, the teams for each half were a mixture of youth and experience and after the game, head coach Andre Villas-Boas declared himself happy with the performance.

“I’m extremely happy bearing in mind the physical effort, the jump of quality from the first half to the second half – the opposite from the game against Swindon – and overall, a good performance,” Andre said.

“Our football really evolved in the second half, we created lots of chances again and in the end, generally, we have to be pleased.”

However, AVB highlighted an ongoing problem which has cropped up at a very early stage of the new campaign.

“We have to talk about the killer instinct in the box to finish the game, that’s important, but the goalkeepers have been excellent against us, so we have to give them credit as well,” he added.

Spurs now head to Hong Kong for two matches in the Barclays Asia Trophy – the first of which sees us face Paolo Di Canio’s Sunderland on Wednesday.




  1. This result and game means JACK SHIT!
    This has been a rough week. If we don’t get a striker soon it’s a complete joke. Never in the history of football has a team’s need been so obvious. We are a top class outfit in the best league in the world, have cash and still can’t attract a top quality striker? Now if we lose AVB all is truly lost and according to the bookies there’s a strong possibility of it happening. Why would he stay having felt the pain of the last few weeks. Every knock back we take is another reminder that he’s in a place where he can’t fulfill his ambitions. How the hell did we not sign Villa? Were we ever in the hunt for Benteke? Must we always settle for second best in the market because of a single point in the league last year?
    We should probably just accept our position and sign Crouch and Harry back, sell Bale and buy a load of young players that Danny can make some money on. That’s what it feels like we’re supporting. It just kills me because one marquee signing could change the mood of everyone. Bale, AVB and ourselves are all human. We have eyes. If we can’t do something this simple there is no hope. Buy a winger and buy a striker this week Daniel. Show us all we’re moving in the right direction or you will lose AVB, lose Bale and lose potential new fans.


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