It’s tempting not to comment on the Gareth Bale stories but the news has talked of little else over the last few days. Even if you have the strongest of opinions on the matter then it’s interesting at least to look at comments made by those in the game.

In no particular order, there was this made by John Scales who was referred to in one newspaper as a former Spurs ‘star’.

“Gareth Bale should go to Real Madrid – great move for player and Spurs.”

Today’s press is widely quoting this from former manager David Pleat

“I think he’s a little bit young to go abroad and I doubt he’d find it easy,” Pleat said to BBC Sport.

“Many have failed when they have moved overseas. One or two have succeeded, but not many. Most have had a difficult time.

“I think he is young to go, but he might feel that with his partner and baby, it will be a new start for him. It might be better if he stayed, continued to work and maybe next summer leave if that is his wish.”

Those comments could also be justified when you look at the experiences of Michael Owen and Jonathan Woodgate.

Lastly, there’s the claim by Robbie Savage that Bale must move to Manchester United but we’ll pass on that.

So what’s your view as far as the club is concerned amidst suggestions that the fee offered could rise above £100m? And can you detach yourself and look at it from the player’s perspective – would Gareth be looking at previous failures right now – a list which might also include Luka Modric?




  1. I notice that Platini is on Facebook.

    I am not but I am sure many of you are so perhaps you could leave a few (thousand) polite enquiries as to why EUFA have taken no action on RM’s blatant tapping-up?

  2. How do RM get away with this? Zidane has commented about “The disgraceful behaviour of Spurs”.

    How dare we try to keep our best player, who has a long term contract in place. Shame on you Mr Levy.

  3. Spurs must keep hold of Bale. We are constantly told that Spurs are a big club but when they get bullied by the true big clubs they roll over. (man U with Carrick and Berbatov then theres Modric and Van der vaart) If any of Spurs recent buys prove to be true world class players they will be snatched away by the BIG Clubs, contracts mean nothing.

    • it doesn’t matter how ‘big’ your club is…if madrid offered 50 million for aguero I’m sure city would take it, look at united and ronaldo. and van der vaart wanted to leave for personal reasons thus why he returned to hamburg, a team smaller than us. plus look at it this way, if we kept carrick we probably wouldn’t have signed modric…thete will always be another player coming through and I’d rather support a team that finds these players and makes them stars rather than plastic clubs that spend outrageous amounts on ready made stars

      • You might be right Aaron, but City could then go
        and replace like for like because they are a CL Team!

        Where we want/need to be! And the way DL runs
        THFC we would continue with our policy the only
        difference being, we would determine, who and when
        and to whom we sell!


  4. I would love to keep Bale, but if we were going to lose him I’d rather get multiple players than cash.
    When we sell we rarely see that money reinvested or else have a hard time luring players in to the club.

    I don’t follow RM so I don’t know who they have that we’d want, but I could see trading for: Coentrao, Jese Rodriguez, and attacking mid… maybe another forward or winger and some cash to even things out.
    If we could get ~ 100m worth of players and cash it wouldn’t be a bad move.

    I’d prefer he stay, but it’d be better than just cash.

  5. I would love it if we could keep bale but it would be stupid to turn down an offer this big…united couldn’t refuse 80 million for ronaldo…and more recently dortmund couldn’t refuse 40 million for gotze despite it being to their rivals…united moved on as will dortmund, as long as the money is invested wisely on quality not quantity then we will be fine. we were becoming too reliant on bale as it was and I think him leaving will cause others to up their game once again and prove to critics that we were more than a one man team!

  6. I think the difference is that United and Dortmund have won their respective leagues recently or (in the case of Dortmund) have come close to winning the CL. They both have more appeal to players than Tottenham. Sad, but true.

    With Bale (and Soldado), this is a team that could challenge for first THIS year. There’s a good GK, solid defense, strong midfield…all surrounding a superstar. There’s good depth too. Without him, there’s a bunch of good players but no focal point and likely a sixth or seventh place finish. And it’s fantasy to think Spurs can sign 2-3 world class players to replace him? Who’s going to come to this team that doesn’t have CL play unless we start throwing around Monaco-level wages at players?

    The whole thing is a bit surreal. Bale is a great player, but he’s had one great year, and it’s not like he scored 40 goals or anything. He is not worth 85 mil, Real Madrid is really stupid if they are really considering a bid that high. And Bale himself is getting bad advice from his agent – he runs the risk of being an also-ran in a squad of all-stars with with all-star egos.


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