Tottenham conceded for only the second time this season as Chelsea came from behind to force a draw at White Hart Lane but overall it’s been an impressive campaign for the defence and if they continue to stay tight, the club should be on target for its top four place.

Hugo Lloris sits behind the back four and his performances have drawn praise from the man he ousted at White Hart Lane – American International Brad Friedel.

“Hugo is a very good goalkeeper and very quick in his decision making off the line,” said Friedel during Sky’s Goals on Sunday programme.

“AVB wants us to play a high line and wants us to attack teams. With that Hugo is very good for that style – it’s not really his starting position, more the decisions that he takes.”

It’s still debatable whether Hugo should have been available for Saturday’s game – a question that Brad acknowledged.

“Hugo will make a decision and just go. The tackle that he made on Theo Walcott or the save that he made at Cardiff – they were right on the borderline of being a red card or not.

“I’m happy he does it so that the team can win because it obviously works. In 10 games we’ve conceded two goals. Can Hugo be one of the best ever for Tottenham? Time will tell, but he’s an outstanding goalkeeper.”

Around 12 months ago Friedel and Lloris were battling to be the club’s number one and while that fight is long over, could the Frenchman eventually turn into one of Tottenham’s best ever stoppers?




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