International week can be a frustrating period and it will be a welcome sight to see Spurs back out on the pitch when they tackle Aston Villa on Sunday. Despite the loss to West Ham, the target of a top four finish remains but not everyone expects the club to achieve it.

Newly installed Sky ‘expert’ Jamie Carragher was very dismissive of the club’s chances although he didn’t go down the expected route of tipping former side Liverpool to break the current monopoly.

“Tottenham have started well this season but I think they will find it very difficult to win the Premier League,” Carragher said in his Sky column.

“And because of the sides they are up against, I reckon they might just miss out on a place in the top four; it’s hard to say United, City and Chelsea won’t get in those Champions League spots and Arsenal have started like a house on fire.”

Meanwhile, current Spurs midfielder Christian Eriksen admits the task will be tough but the squad are determined to achieve their aim.

“It’s hard,” Eriksen said when asked about a top four finish.

“At Tottenham we are hoping to achieve a top-four finish. We want to bounce back from last week when we lost 3-0 and we must get the points.”

We have a better squad this year but the task is harder – would you rule out Liverpool and possibly even Everton as challengers at this stage or is it a case of battling just with Arsenal and possibly Chelsea and trying to avoid a fifth placed finish?





  1. message to avb please dont go overseas for a striker look to established players here it takes time to get set in the premier league time we havent got a few players come to mind lou remy would suit the bill also denba ba both established players to me it makes more sense with the situation right now


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