Yesterday we looked closely at the left back position at Spurs where Danny Rose is currently on the treatment bench. With BAE out on loan and the right footed Kyle Naughton struggling to deputise, Belgian international Jan Vertonghen has been filling in to much better effect.

Jan has openly spoken about the situation and clearly doesn’t see himself as a left back but Head Coach Andre Villas-Boas suggests that his player has to make sacrifices for the overall good of the club.

“I have had lots of conversations with Jan regarding this situation,” Andre said.

“Unfortunately he has to sacrifice his position as centre-back for the team.

“He hasn’t fallen in love. I know he doesn’t like it, but it’s no big deal.

“It’s a decision I have to make for the best of the team.”

AVB went on to offer some serious praise for the 26 year old who has stood out since signing from Ajax at the start of last season.

“His position at centre-back is not in question,” he added.

“He is one of the greatest central defenders I have worked with. He knows that and he knows that position is waiting for him whenever we have options at left-back. He has my word.”

High praise indeed and clearly the boss rates Vertonghen as a special player if he is essentially guaranteeing his usual slot in the centre of defence.



  1. AVB is doing the right thing.

    Jan is only playing left back again as someone (AVB/Levy/Baldini) didn’t cover the position correctly during the summer.

    High praise but well deserved.

    Cant wait to see Jan and Kaboul playing together.

  2. Playing Vertonghen out of position is a poor decision due to bad management.How AVB can have let Assou Ekotto,who let us not forget was one of our best players a couple of seasons back and one of the best left backs in the Premier League, leave on loan for a whole season is beyond me.AVB seems to take a dislike to some players,Adebayor comes to mind along with BAE,and then there is no way back.I know Ade did not play or behave well last season but somehow I feel he could do a job for us at present.

  3. Vertonghen currently is our best option at left back. Even when Rose will be back from injury, I would play Vertonghen against the big teams. Imo, Rose is better in the attacking part at LB but certainly not in the defensive one… I agree with those who say that BAE never should have been allowed to go to QPR. Little footnote: I’m Belgian and I never heard Vertonghen complaining that he’s playing at LB for the national team…


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