Head Coach Andre Villas-Boas confirmed some mixed news on the injury front ahead of Sunday’s game at the Etihad. Nacer Chadli and Zeki Fryers return but Christian Eriksen and Danny Rose are definitely ruled out.

“We’ve managed to get Nacer back with Etienne, Zeki and Vlad, that’s good news for us,” said Andre after Friday’s training.

“We’ll have to see how Christian and Danny progress in the next few weeks.”

Hugo Lloris is also likely to return in goal after missing the Newcastle game and the Frenchman is set to feature behind an unchanged back four.

So the only questions are in midfield with several players queuing to replace Christian Eriksen. Will AVB go straight back to Lewis Holtby or do others such as Sigurdsson and Lamela have better claims?

Meanwhile, Andros Townsend is under pressure from Lamela and Aaron Lennon on the right after another frustrating period. Does Andre stick with the winger or drop him to the bench?

Here’s how we think Spurs will start but what’s your view?



    • (3-4-3)
      3defenders(vertoghen,dawson,chiriches)cos walker has been waste this seasons and now we get no left Back
      midfielders(4)(sandro,paulinho,dembele,holtby)..Here sandro sits infront of the defence and protects them,paulinho also defend but wil be in the opposing box when we are on counter,dembele add flair in middle and defence well too..Holtby will play behind the leading striker and can also drop to add to the midfield when we are defending
      Attacker(3)lamela,townsend/lenon and soldado
      with this creativity all behind soldado he can deliever

  1. bill: Sigurdsson played 2x 90mins for Iceland. Played every minute of these two play-off games against Croatia.

    Townsend did not play both England games. Not every minute anyway, so Lamela and Townsend to start.

  2. Time 2drop the 1trick pony Townsend n give lamela a chance cant take anymore of Townsend cut in n shoot malarky no wonder soldado ain’t scoring Townsend wants the limelight.

  3. Lloris
    Walker Dawson Chiriches Vertonghen
    Sandro Dembele
    Townsend Lamela Chadli

    Subs: Friedel, Kaboul, Fryers, Capoue, Lennon, Holtby, Adebayor

    • we really need goals now, and from open play. I see the teams top scorer in open play doesn’t make the bench in your team.

      good one mate.

    • like the look of this team but doubt if abv;s got the balls to try this, he will pack the midfield again lost patience with the bloke now and fed up watching boring football and listening to his boring fucking excuses zzzzzzz

  4. Lloris

    Walker. Kaboul chiriches Vertonghen

    Sandro paulinho

    Lamela. Holtby. Townsend


    Lennon to come on late on if we are not leading

    • Hoorah, someone else with the balls to drop our nightmare right back !!!
      Tempted to go 3 at back leaving Dawson out (too slow), Sandro and Capoue in front of them with Lamela, Paulinho, Townsend behind Adebayor and Soldado but I like your team also.

  5. Don’t get why so many persist with Townsend and holtby…
    They are not on the level we need, they maybe settled but we need to be patient with the likes of Lamela, lennon, dembele, soldado, Ade, capoue, eriksen all who have the ability to be a march winner and are players I would not like to face if they were to leave! Lennon vs ac Milan dembele vs man utd, Ade vs Chelsea…they can do it but need to start regular!

    • wigan did ok in city’s cup final spoiled their day doh! lol best team one spurs high line style poor finishing true teams park bus break out westham newcastle mugged!

    • I think there must be something wrong with your reading glasses .every one on here is doing what they were asked to do. picking a spurs team for the game.neutral my arse

  6. c’mon! we want goals glory! defend! 4-4-2 attack! 2-4-4 I’d start pair kaboul/vertonghen sandro/capoue soldado/dembele then walker fryers lamela holtby & sign christian benteke m’baye niang & adrien rabot alen halilovic ole’!

    • Interesting line up, I think suits Soldado up front better than Ade ….also not convinced by Townsend who’s shoot on sight approach doesn’t suit any lone striker. Soldado needs balls into the box then he will start scoring.

  7. Lloris, Walker, chiriches, Dawson, vertonghen, sandro, paulinho, siggy, Townsend, lamela(in CAM), Soldado…. That should get some better service to Soldado,lamela great passer and dribbler

  8. 433formation



    ……holtby ….sandro…..pualinho…..


  9. Lloris

    Naughton Kaboul Chriches Vertonghen

    Sandro Capoue

    Lennon Adebayor Lamela


    Subs: Gomes, Dawson, Paulinho, Holtby, Townsend, Chadli, Defoe

  10. Our defensive unit looks solid,glad to see hugo back.our attacking front four needs pace on the counter so i’d pick townsend and lennon on the wings, lennon on the right T left. Lamela at 10 role and Ade up top against his old club. COYS.

  11. Mine would be to go back to a 4-4-2:


    Sandro sits in front of back four. Holtby plays box-to-box with needed link up play with wingers and forwards. Walker-Lennon link up play proven from past seasons on the right. Having Verts-Lamela link up as two natural lefties on that side will also give us width there. Ade can provide hold-up play up front and provide service to Soldado as well as provide add his own scoring potential. This way Bobby Soldier can get a lot more service in the box from either wing as well as link-up with the likes of Ade and Holtby.

    Will never happen I know but I think this could be the way at City. This plays to our natural counter-attacking abilities with speed on the wings and City will want to attack all day long at home, so this will give the option to hit them on the counter.

    • I love your ideas. That is true SPURS man talking. And dreaming. AVB will not do that. Yet……
      I see us having a team like that NeXT season. But lets not get carried away. We need t solidify our team. And then build. I think AVB has got the right frame of mind to push us towards that.
      For now (this season) lets settle for top four.


  12. The sooner we find 2 full backs that can defend and have an end product when on the offensive, the better. Rose has disappeared off of this world, we have a centre back reluctantly playing in that position and Walkers limitations were there for all to see in the international. And yet this hasn’t suddenly become apparent has it? Everyone and their dog knew we needed to strengthen these positions but no, we buy every midfielder going and now have no idea what to do with them.
    For the past 2 seasons, we have all said, including the club, that we were 2 players away from a challenging squad. Yes we had to find someone to replace Bale but why did we buy 7 ! Its hard enough integrating one foreigner into a club, but 7, your having a laugh !! All of our inconsistancys have been brought on by ourselves and I’m afraid the transfer policies of that lot down the road put ours to shame. That hurts !!!

  13. What a complete and utter bag of cr*p Spurs are, a total embarrassment to all Spurs supporters , AVB ,I hope , is ashamed about what he has done to the team this year. I also hope , in future , Levy allows someone who knows about football to buy players , because he doesn’t have a clue. Should have spent that £100 million on a Ladies team , would have had more success !!!

      • Very , Very true , But Spurs , unlike Arsenal , have a chairman who can’t keep his nose out of things he doesn’t know anything about.

        • barf! I feel like sh!t after this one. I have already felt a bit that the players brought in were a bit overrated. A lot of good quality for a squad, but nothing that made the first 11 amazing. It might be a very good squad, but we can get blown out of the park against a solid first team like City. it was just embarrasing, and I am probably going to have to hang my supporters piece in the shelf for a few weeks to escape this one.

  14. That was just plain torture! Dawson is way too slow. First two goals from uncharacteristically sloppy clearances by LLoris. Holtby was ineffective in #10. No service to Soldado. Lamela and Lennon were non-existent. We should have parked our team in our half and played on the counter but in fact Man City did that against Spurs all game long. Paulinho pushed up too far up the field and left Sandro to police the midfield all by himself. Too many gaps. Nothing went right for Spurs! Just awful. AVB needs to rethink the system and I think 4-4-2 is way to go. Needs to solve Left Back position so Verts can go back to CM role. Need to add creative midfielders and a solid striker up front. Right now, team needs to go back to basics and believe in one another as a team and start mustering one result at a time. Otherwise, if this form continues, AVB’s days will be numbered (rightfully so) and new manager will do a rehaul of his own, which will probably see some of the 100 million spent this summer altered/swapped out. Utter shambles!

    If this is not a wake up call for AVB and Levy, I don’t know what it is!

    • I agree. Although today, it would not have mattered. We can’t score anyway, so the best we could have done today was 0-0. Unless we somehow got a penalty shout out.

      • The best u could’ve done was 0-0 ???????? Wake up already you lots deluded mind the gap fans! Even to get a 0-0 was beyond your wildest dream! You probably be happy the lots didn’t get beat by 8 or 9 goals. HA HA HA HA

  15. Not to mention, Arsenal are now 7 points clear of us. Not to say that’s how were measuring our season, but I would prefer not to even go there now.

    I seriously am doubt top 4 right now. Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool, and City are already FIVE, so I don’t know how we’re going to break into that group with the form we are in. Luck is not catching up with us, right now it’s reality. Just wait when the luck goes out the window too.

    • Do our favour, please beat robin van pursestring and that ugly shrek. They draw against Cardiff, so you got chance.

      Besides, this is the only time you would likely finished above last year champion. Lovely isn’t it?

    • Yeah right! Because you lots sorry spurs have absolutely no rights to even mention “THE MIGHTY ARSENAL”, let alone put yourself in as a “rival?????!!!!!”

      I said it already on the posts in this web. You lots are the class of norwiches and west broms. (With all due respects to norwich and west brom)

      Now let’s roll on the next one ! Mancheaters united next stop eh? HO HO HO

  16. avb out the clown is a totally clueless got lucky last season thanks to bale but this season has been painful to watch the writing was on the wall when a very poor west ham eam beat us

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