The words of Head Coach Andre Villas-Boas only echo what we were all feeling after yesterday’s game but at least the boss admitted a poor display with our 6-0 defeat at Manchester City. It maybe wouldn’t have been so bad if we’d found the net but City’s clean sheet means we haven’t scored in the league since our 1-0 win over Hull – four games ago.

“We’re extremely disappointed.” said Andre. “It’s difficult to find an explanation for a result like this.

“Everything went wrong for us, going from being one of the best defences in the country to suffering six goals in a fixture.”

There was however a brief attempt to draw a positive.

“The only positive we can look at is the 15, 20 minutes after the first goal, we reacted well, could have scored but didn’t, and ended in a more difficult situation,” AVB added.

“At half-time, there was a buzz in the team to react to the scoreline but the fourth goal after five minutes made things very difficult for us.

“It’s an embarrassing defeat that all of us have to take. The only way we can react is by bouncing back in the next fixtures.”

That won’t be easy as our next league match is at home to Manchester United on Sunday – three days after a potentially morale boosting trip to Tromso this Thursday.




  1. so hard to admit but ithink AVB is a little out of his depth in the premiership at this point of his career.
    he is clearly a manager who has no problems in the europa games where the tempo of games allows a certain tactical approach but the premiership is maybe too quick & unforgiving.
    i think levy & co should maybe bite on the humble pie, admit defeat, recognise this & maybe consider a managerial alternative before spurs go down the Ramos route.
    no one wants that.

  2. what a terrible i written after newcastle loss again writing with feeling sad of losingto mancity plz Mr.Levy sack mr.avb with immediate effect.he has no plan-B when going aganist.i still believe with him not even 4th won’t happen.last match his 2central defenders are too slow aganist one of the world best players like of sergio auguelro is terrible decision.soldado terrible.paulino total waste.i still believe plz make demble our playmaker below forwards.bope better sense prevail.

  3. If we hadn’t conceded after 15 seconds it would have been a different game. Maybe.

    But the fact that 2 of the goals stemmed from poorly cleared passbacks to Lloris is symptomatic of what’s wrong with the play – players get the ball in midfield, don’t know what to do with it to attack so back it goes, as it did from the kickoff.

    If it had gone forward (away from our goal and towards theirs, cos that’s what the game is about), they wouldn’t have scored so early.

  4. Hopefully from this disaster of a result and make no mistake this is a very humiliating result AVB knows it hence the appology to the spurs fans who travelled up there and paid there good hard earned money to watch that rubbish and to all spurs fans he has questioned of late regarding there vocal support at home!!!, that it might just make him realize that his one only system formation has had it day and he needs to start playing to strikers period Defoe & Soldado.

  5. Shame on all of you who wanted Harry replaced by this pretender. He fooled some people last year because of Bale but this year with HIS team we’re seeing the real AVB

    • I didn’t want Redknapp replaced with AVB. But I wanted him out, and he’d have gone himself if he’d got his England job, and it cost us the CL place.

      Harry was all about Harry, with the club second.

      • The fuck are u talking about??? COST U a Champions league place???????!!!!! Mind you dude, spuds were never and never will be a champions league worthy club (even through qualification) you guys are just merely pure midtable low end team!

        Don’t be a ridiculous wanker to even go as far as champions league place. Just concentrate on finishing above norwich guys!!!!!! Ho Ha Ha ha Ha Ha!!!

        • Come back to bed son and finish me off then I will fuck you hard right up the gary glitter just the way you like it.

          • Im sorry I didnt mean that im going through a hard time. My boyfriend has just cheated on me he said my cock Iis too small and he said he couldn’t forgive me when he caught me wanking over Harry Redknapp. I act like a stupid wigga but really im just a pee wee freak inbrwd pikey barrow boy.

  6. We all new that Levy was taking a gamble on AVB and after yesterdays horror show it looks like it hasnt paid off. Last season he got away with it as we had GB who with his outstanding performances papered over the cracks..I am not so sure he has lost the players support just yet, however if our poor form continues, then for sure the players will turn against him as most of them are looking to impress their international managers for a place in their respective world cup teams. Should the above happen, then the board have a huge problem as if they believe AVB has to go, who would they then bring in?? in my opinion the choices are limited with only two real possibilities, one would be Laudrup however he seems to be an honourable bloke and I doubt he would leave Swansea mid-term, the other candidate and I know that most of you will think I am mad is to give Hoddle another chance…! Hear me out…I know we all so disapointed when was in charge 10 plus seasons ago, but look at the players we had then, it is said and with some justification that he was at that time still the best player at WHL. I think in the intervening years he has learnt so much and with age comes experience and this time around he would inherit an extremely talented group of players and some one could argue potentially as gifted as he was. There I have said it, Hoddle for me is the man to take us forward, I am sure many of you will not agree, but the game is all about opinions and I have given mine.

  7. Paxton Simon. I agree that if AVB has to go then Hoddle would be a good choice. This squad has technical ability it just doesn’t look like they have bought into AVB’s methods. Too many players look fed up, others are being frozen out and some a losing confidence at an alarming rate. The players are technically better than previous squads but this sideways passing, lack of width, static possession football that AVB wants us to play is negating their ability. We are miles off having a TEAM at present and they now seem to be forgetting the basics, yesterday their was so little movement in the final 3rd it was frightening. If Hoddle has learnt a bit of man-management in the last 10 years he may be the man to rescue what is rapidly looking like a disaster of a season.

  8. I’ll be honest I’m not a spurs fan, but from an outsiders pov, I don’t think AVB should be sacked yet. Spurs might be 9th, but with the way the leagues going this season, two weeks and they could be 3rd or 4th again. He needs time, besides there aren’t really any other good managers available to replace AVB even of he was sacked

    • agree. although i think he definitely feels the heat at the moment. roberto martinez anybody? would he even leave Everton for this?

  9. why the surprise?…AVB set his stall out to play like this at the beginning of last season (2 defensive midfielders in all games home or away, regardless of the standard of opposition)…it really is like having 6 defenders in the team sometimes, don`t get me wrong Sandro is a very good player, but he is nothing more than a defender playing a bit further up the pitch, he is never going to create or feed our forwards.
    i know it`s been said many times before, but we really do have too many similar players doing the same thing – look at chelski`s midfield players, and see the variety of different creative players they have
    …….has football really changed that much in 30 years since keith burkenshaw`s 80`s side which had no defensive midfielders (everyone going forward and creating chances) would that work today, or is the pace of the game now too quick? it is the total opposite philosophy of AVB and I think our team (and football as a whole) unfortunately is worse off because of it.

  10. we all agree we cant keep playing like we are.
    sack AVB mmm not to sure on that one yet . lets not forget
    only 4 pts off second only superman krull stopped 3pts against Newcastle. and remember the 8-2 defeat the other lot suffered a couple of seasons ago yet they still fin 3rd.
    it really hurts to see us playing the way we are . lets just see if AVB can up his game against UTD on sun if not its up to daniel

    • Can we stop comparing us to Arsenal’s 8-2 defeat. They have obviously shown us they have the mental strength to fight back and get into the Champions League places. What did we do in that time, wilted twice down the stretch when we were in commanding lead. Especially last year!!! At the moment, I thank Levy and the organization for giving us this hope, thank you! Keep fighting for us. But man, its the players who are blowing it this season, again, like every other season. We just don’t have the mental strength to bounce back and grab destiny. As a long long long time follower, we just don’t have it.



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