Tottenham’s ‘special’ relationship with Real Madrid could be tested again this January with reports that Andre Villas-Boas is looking to bring in Alvaro Morata in an attempt to solve the club’s goal scoring problems.

The Daily Mail began proceedings with claims that the La Liga side were prepared to let the centre forward out on loan for the rest of the campaign, but only if they were able to bring in Robert Lewandowski or Luis Suarez during the next window. Meanwhile, there was one isolated story suggesting that a permanent transfer of Morata had already been agreed between the two clubs.

Morata may be highly rated but in 23 league games so far for Real, he has found the net just four times. Meanwhile, clubs will be more excited by his record at international level where the 21 year old scored twelve times in eleven matches for the under 21s.

Once the transfer window is open, it will be interesting to see how Spurs react to their mixed start to the campaign and while the arrival of a new striker may seem likely, is Alvaro Morata really the answer?




  1. After frusted loss 6-0 against city need avb change her statitcs and goal line teqnology to three man mdifeld more defensive attak 4-3-3 counter ataking solution to window 6singing 1.leghtain bains 2.stephen lichsteiner(more comption for walker this season out of form) rossi or aruto vidal(replace sandro) 4.cabaye(stay with demblele or) 5.hulk(men man in forward line his versatillity rw, lw, st to give more attaking position and speed ) 6. Alvaro morata or javier hernandez

  2. After jaury we go 4-3-3 counter attaking systeam lloris stephen lichsteiner-dawson -vertoghen- l.bains–vidal- paulinho- cabaye–lamela (rw)- soldado- hulk (lw) sub- friedel, walker, capoue,hallovic chiriches, erikson, townsed, morata,

  3. Is the issue the striker or the fact we spend all day moving the ball from the back forward, then the inverted wingers cut inside and crowd the middle of the park in the last 25 yards ?

    I’m more concerned about our tactics than who the striker is right now.

  4. before we all talk about tranfer players in janurary we better understand that no top class striker is going to join us when we finish out of any european competion this is going to be hard this i feel was the problem before in summer transfer window now even more difficult now the way we play will also be a factor in any future signings hope im wrong spurs forever after 50 years

  5. No, the answer is another manager who has to:
    1. know something about man management (when en where do you use the “hair dryer”?, when do you wrap your arm around a players shoulder?, where do you put the balance between a tactical system and human beings/players being able to execute it,…);
    2. play players in their best position (no inverted wingers…);
    3. keep his best LB (BAE) if he doesn’t have a decent alternative;
    4. understand that Dawson is not a top 4-defender at all and that selling Caulker was a big mistake;
    5. play 2 strikers (or an attacking midfielder just behind the single striker) instead of an isolated small soldier;
    6. stop playing a high defensive line if his players aren’t suited for it (very few teams apply the system successfully);
    7. be flexible in his tactics to be less predictable and to be able to turn around things during the match (instead of a stubborn child that wants to prove he was right, even after 12 bad matches);
    8. buy a tall, strong striker (Benteke type);
    9. know who his best 11 are and start with making those players gel together before using the other ones;
    10. chose a captain who is also a quality player (Vertonghen);
    11. know that blaming the fans is not done;

    • Why don’t u go and send in your resume to daniel levy and ask for the job? U seemed pretty master in those categorial u mentioned there?

  6. Getting rid of AVB or playing 2 strikers isn’t the answer. Although, Eriksen (when fit) and Lamela should be playing every game seeing as they are most likely to bring us back to our winning ways. I’d say put Townsend on the left as we’ll, seeing as he won’t be cutting in as frequently ( although he does have a deadly right foot). During the winter transfer window we need to bring back BAE and purchase a Modric-ish center midfielder who can turn defense into attack very quickly (Moutinho being a possibility). AVB is a good manager, give him the rest of the season to turn us back into a winning side.

    • dont matter who we sign this clown will still play players out of position and one striker look how well chelsea done when they sacked this Idiot

  7. And its ArseeeeeeeennnnnaLLLL ! ARSENAL FC!!!!
    We’re by far, the greatest team!!! The World has ever

    Back to chorus peeps!!!!

    And its toooooooootenhamm, toooooootteeeeenham fc!!!!
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