Head Coach Andre Villas-Boas confirmed the news that Emmanuel Adebayor will miss tonight’s game with Fulham and he joins three players on the treatment table ahead of the game.

“We’ve had a setback with Ade who picked up a knee injury in yesterday’s training session,” Andre said. “He’s the only player who will join the injury list.”

Christian Eriksen and Danny Rose also miss out along with Harry Kane who is struggling with a back problem. There had been suggestions that AVB would switch to a 4-4-2 for the trip to Craven Cottage but with Kane and Ade out, there is no recognised striking cover on the bench.

That still leaves Jermain Defoe threatening Roberto Soldado with the Spaniard drawing another blank on Sunday and this could be the time for Villas-Boas to make the switch. The only other question after a positive display against United is over Nacer Chadli and you could imagine AVB being tempted to bring Andros Townsend back in for this one.

Here’s how we think it will start but what’s your view?



  1. …………lloris…………..





    • GK – Lloris
      RFB – Walker
      RCB – Dawson
      LCB – Chiriches
      LFB – Vertonghen
      DMF – Capoue
      CMF – Dembele
      AMF – Chadli/Siggurdson
      RWF – Lamela
      LWF – Townsend
      CF – Soldado


      I have outlined a bit of amixture above – The back 4 is what I assume AVB will go with, in a perfect world we would have Rose LFB and Super Jan in CB at the expense of Big Sir Les Dawson.

      From Capoue forward, is what I would choose to play,.

      Not sure Sandro is ready to sart another gaem yet, also I want to see more of Capoue.
      I would rest Paulinhio, due to the amout of games hes played in 2012/2013.
      (Maybe a bit late for this change as he did look knackered during WHU Newcastle & City games, but he looked sharper against Man U)

      Lamela on the right, its where he made his name, he should have been playing ther emore regularly to help him settle!

      With Lamela cutting in, I’d play Townsend on is natural side and he would bloody well like it and stay wide.
      IMO, Lamela is the only one to be played in a cutting-in role as its difficult to make the right decisions when to go wide/when to cut in, so let the most skillful/talented one do it! –

      ‘The Hole’ – – – Siggy made his name as a No 10 at Hoffenhim, Reading & Swansea. Play him there.
      (Ive obviously also got Chadli in there as an option, he play son the half turn and looks to play thru balls)

      With Lamela and Chadli looking to ‘slip’ Soldado and Townsend crossing from wide, we would have variation in attack as well as natural width,

  2. At number 1 it’s Robbie Keane, at number 2 (oo-OO) it’s Robbie Keane, at number 3 (ee-EE) its Robbie Keane…. and so on…


  3. Defoe?! are you guys mental?
    We spend 2 years moaning about him, how hes not good enough, and then you put him back in?
    Sell him now, hes lazy and poor.


      • Dav mate. Check out Defoe’s LEAGUE goal record. No where NEAR as good as his cup record. Play to strengths. Defoe in CUPS. Was Defoe’s 11 goals in 34 league games (27 starts) “great”??? No, it is merely OK. The “blind spot” is to take Defoe’s overall record (including hatricks vs cup no hopers) and apply it to his likelihood to score in the league. It just does not apply to Defoe. Having said that, he may just work against Fulham…. But Soldado and Ade should be ahead of Defoe in the League.

  4. Or 433




  5. Change the damn entire team

    Walker….. Kaboul….. Vertonghen …… Naughton
    Capone …… Sandro
    Lamela ……. Holtby…. Townsend

    • I know rotation for easy games is usually a good thing… But the Man U game is the best we have played for a while. Build momentum and player confidence rather than just changing everything for the sake of it!

  6. I reckon tonight we could start with a line up but have a decent amount of rotation on the wings as long as we can find the back of the net and are fairly comfortable.

    Walker, Dawson, Chiriches, Verts;
    Lamela, dembele, paulhino, Lennon;

    With Townsend on for Lamela, siggy on for lennon…
    If you wanted to ensure my hands stay up instead of me being obedient you could bind my hands to the loop in the collar and make it look like I am a dog begging with my paws up near my face? Lol
    And the third sub to be either holtby for dembele or Defoe for soldado….

    Despite my name I am a big AVB fan, and think he should be given time. I wish he had more of a plan B though, as if the game is not going our way. He tends to just do like for like subs which doesn’t seem to swing things in our favour!

    • Like a less defensive approach with the 4141. I would use Lamela instead of Townsend mainly because I think he weill be more creative and not shot as soon as he gets into the Fulham half. We need the pace and delivery and would push Dembele up to work with Soldado. Probably change Daws for Kaboul.

  7. i would keep the same lineup that started against man utd although i would like to see lamela given a chance to play just behind soldado as i beleive this could be his best position in time , also play the players like lennon in their right positions so the play is streched and not squashed in the centre of the pitch do this and we will win easily .

  8. Wow, it’s interesting that blogger was only one to pick Defoe, and all the above comments stick with Soldado. And one even slated Defoe. I also believe the Spaniard will come good. AVB is probing for something to click. Hope he holds his nerve, because the wheel WILL turn eventually.

  9. At the game on Sunday, I noticed a significant improvement in the overall team performance and reckon that a lot of this had to do with playing with a bit more freedom. Up until now, it seems that many of the players are restricted and merely “following tactical orders” from the bench. Not saying that they should ignore the tactics, but it’s probably time to inject a touch of the “go out there and play” mentality. Play to win, not to just avoid defeat!!! My team for tonight would be:
    Walker, Chiriches, Vertonghen, Naughton
    Lennon, Capoue, Dembele, Chadli
    Soldado, Lamela

    SuperJan is clearly hacked off at having to play left back, so stick him back in the centre and give Naughton some more game-time (Benny would have been the man!!). Paulinho needs a few games on the bench and Sandro needs to be saved for the away game at Sunderland. Love Dawson, but he’s off form at the moment so save him too. Finally, we have to go with 2 up top and I think this game’s set up for Lamela to fire!!

  10. soldado tostart with some service for once from lennon RW and townsend LW wouldnt mind seeing lamela implemented in 60th min when we are 3-0 up

  11. We have lost 2 games to teams with 442 we draw with Utd becuase Soldao was on wing no one in middle only the speedy Lennon and Walker chasing behind the ball was won by Vidic and caused a pen Defoe would have been in box. We have to score first at Fulham or like Palace game and Newcastle sponge football will take points. The game has changed now and its all down to supplements being allowed namely once banned Caffeine. This was taken of the banned list to stop the more dangerous ones causing illness. The problem is its hard to score against teams pressing scoring then closing down space saving blocking a wall of energy. This energy is topped up at half time you have a small window in first half round 15 mins and 65 second half before scoring becomes harder. All fans have to take this into there thought process when picking a team to win. My Team based on my knowledge is this Lloris only because Gomes not used. Lloris Walker Kabs Chirch Vlad Lennon Capoue Sandro Dembele Chadli Defoe

  12. We need to stick with soldado..no defoe pls. I wld like to see the moose behind bobby. Pauly needs to sit back with sandra.

  13. If you think he is going to play Townsend and Lennon on their correct sides (as you have predicted) then you are deluded.

  14. My oh my! Look at how crowded this post here! Probably because you lots know that this game has a probable winning ratio above 50% for little spuds here , against managerless fulham. Why last couple of days, I didn’t see any of “OUR TEAM TO FACE Manutd- what’s yours?” . Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Shout out loud when you face a troubled team and hide under the momma’s bed when not!

    Ho ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  15. Blimey. So many have put Lamela to start despite him having only one league start…which happened to be a 0-6 drubbing…. He will take more time. Man U WAS an improvement in play. STICK!!! Let’s get some confidence with a run of games. Only 2 new guys max behind the stiker should start…. That is Paulinho, & Chadli.

  16. Lloris
    Walker, Kaboul, Chiriches, Vertonghen
    Lennon, Capoue, Dembele, Chadli
    Soldado, Lamela

    Townsend would be better on left but no chance of Mr Stubborness doing that so I’ve left him out.

  17. The defense is the only part of the team which is up to standard, although Walker can be a bit suspect at times and we could do with a new left back.

    Chiriches is the only one of the new 7 players who looks like a great buy. Eriksen has potential to be good.

    The midfield and attack are generally very poor. There is no link up and Spurs have bought too many mediocre players.

    I have been trying to think if Spurs have ever had a worse midfielder than Paulinho and I cannot think of anyone.

  18. Cannot believe people are putting holtby in the starting line up reminds me of a dog chasing his tail doing fuck all lose this one against a poor fulham team and the writings on the wall for mastermind avb,lets just hope he plays players in the right position for a change

  19. gk – lloris
    rb – walker – in lack of a better option
    cb – dawson – alright against the lesser teams
    cb – chriches – would have preferred caulker
    lb – vertongen – should`ve played cb, but no cover on the left
    dm – sandro – best dm in the league
    dm – dembele – good dm
    rw – lennon – can be great at his best
    om . sigurdson – should get a chance in his favorite position, in the absence of eriksen.
    lw – lamela – no doubt, needs to be played every week, to get the best out of him
    s – soldado – only decent striker we have

  20. i agree with scott, paulinho is holding us back, he`s slowing down the pace.
    and wath`s all the fuzz about townsend. he`s shit.
    he can dribble but has`nt any understanding of the game.
    terrible decision making. can`t cross. can’t shoot. and is no team player


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