After yesterday’s departure of Andre Villas-Boas, Spurs confirmed that Tim Sherwood, Chris Ramsey and Les Ferdinand would take over first team affairs for now and their task starts with tomorrow night’s league cup quarter final with West Ham.

As soon as AVB drove away, many were tipping Sherwood to take the job on a permanent basis but is it too much of a gamble for the 44 year old in what would be his first managerial position?

Tim has worked in a coaching capacity for a number of years at the Lane and his efforts are thought to have caught the attention of Blackburn Rovers when they were looking to replace Steve Kean in 2012. Steering Blackburn through the Championship is one thing, but could Sherwood make Spurs a top four side?

He has the backing of Harry Redknapp – if you think that means anything – who worked with Tim at the Lane.

“Tim should get the job permanently and work alongside Les Ferdinand,” Harry said in the Sun.

“Together they are old-school Spurs and would do a tremendous job.

“I brought them both back to the club because they understand the place. They are great coaches and don’t forget, Tim was captain at Blackburn when they won the league in 1995.”

Anything Harry says is often met with derision but does he have a point about the duo understanding the club? Whatever your opinion, Tim Sherwood is the new favourite to take the manager’s job on a full time basis.



  1. Choose any 1. Mauricio pochhitio 2.maichal laudrup 3. Gllen hoddle 4.fabio capello [ what can except new manager 1.strong defensive workrate 2.creative stratighy to box counter attaking stratigy 4. MOER PROVIDE YOUNB PLAYER I I THINK BEST SUITED POCHHITINO OR LAUDRUP

  2. I think if he plays the players in the correct position and lets them express themselves as the great individuals we are, we might actually get somewhere.

    for example:





    • I agree. It’s not easy to come in as the new manager but if Tim follows a few basic principles, it should work out very well:

      1. No inverted wingers.
      2. Play two up top at least for home games.
      3. Pick your strongest team for prem games
      4. Get Benny back of loan.
      5. Dont play a high defensive line.
      6. Have a plan B & C – change things (formation/players) early if required.

      Come on Tim……COYS!!

      • No inverted wingers? So who exactly would we play? Our only non inverted winger is Lennon.

        BAE is a mercenary that Bale made look good. Cannot believe people want him back.

  3. Has to be better then AVB right? I’m really hoping we go in for Frank de boer in the long run, he’s great with young players and pushes for exiting football. We’ll see.

  4. I don’t think Tim Sherwood will get the job permanently but if he does a good job why not?

    We used to counter attack with devastating speed which opened up defenses and was very exciting to watch.

    Under AVB I found myself sitting with my head in hands for most matches and saying to those around me that we are just not quick enough moving the ball forward.

    I know sometimes you have to play backwards to draw out a team and create space, but we need someone who can organise the team to bomb forward after breaking up play.

    So please Mr Sherwood, Hoddle, De Booer or whoever takes the helm, give us back some bloomin’ excitement.

  5. I think Di Canio might be a very good investment as our next coach. He’s very knowledgeable, football nerd – watches all replays of team, etc. He just has to go a bit easier on discipline. But his record shows he did a very good job at Swindon. And he was a top class Italian player I believe. Sunderland were too cruel on him to sack him that early and not give him a proper chance – like we gave AVB for that matter.

  6. He cant be no worse than that clown avb so glad to see the back of him all sherwood must do is play players in the right positions ie if you kick with your left foot you play left side and so on that fucking mug avb could not even get that right got no sympathy for him at all lucky to get the job to start with after his chelsea failure

  7. Nice to see Di Canio’s agent reads this blog. Personally, I’d let Sherwood have a crack at it in a caretaker role and, if he starts getting results, give him a crack at it.

    The most important thing for me would be to employ Hoddle in his Sherwood’s old role and let him have the kind of influence Cruyff had over Barcelona. We need a style of football that’s implemented from top to bottom with young coaches like Sherwood and Freund coming through knowing exactly what style of football they should be playing with some flexibility in the formations that all young players coming through are familiar with.

  8. would love to see dembele playing behind the strikers and not where the clown was playing him still think he is our best midfield player


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