Spurs raided Ajax last summer to secure the services of Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen who is looking like the best buy of the season as far as we are concerned. However, we missed out on Eriksen’s club team mate of the time – Toby Alderweireld – who still jumped ship at the Ajax Arena but headed instead to Atletico Madrid.

Five months’ later and we’re in the January transfer window with reports that Belgian international defender Alderweireld is unsettled in Spain and looking for a move as soon as possible. After just four league appearances in La Liga, the 24 year old said.

“I miss Ajax, their style of play, my ex-teammates. At Atletico, I can’t be happy if I’m not playing.  The team is doing well and I continue to fight for my place, but I don’t think it’s my fault.”

Alderweireld is an outstanding player and deserves better than the treatment he is getting at Atletico. A switch to the Premier League could be his best move but is he really needed at Spurs?




  1. Yes.

    Dawson’s passion and love for the club is unquestionable. However, his ability is sadly.
    Kaboom is always injured and likely to leave, leaving just Clitoris and Verts as our 2 decent centre halves, and with injury always a likelihood we need that extra quality.
    And bring back Berbs! Yes even if it is just short term.
    We always need quality in our ranks and he knows his way around the premier league, unlike a striker who could come in now from abroad and would need time to settle.
    We don’t have time for that at this stage of the season, regardless of previous experiences with him.
    And keep Holtby.

  2. Thanks Bob, Keith, chill out fella, it’s a term of endearment my friend. I have an opinion and posted it and I’m entitled to do so, I wasn’t rude to a fellow Yid.
    And love the Mata thought.
    Interesting to see Micah Richards mentioned today (I rate that chap), again, love Walkers mentality but defensively isn’t strong, though that said since Timeeeeeeh has been in charge, he doesn’t bomb forward half as much, maybe he’s been reminded of his position?

  3. The thought of vertonghen and Aderweireld as a central defensive partnership is a mouth watering thought after all, they know each other’s game from their time together at Ajax. Dawson was good when the King was beside him but the plain truth is that he simply isn’t a top notch centre half and far too slow.


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