Rose appeal

Sky Sports are claiming that Spurs will appeal against the red card decision that saw Danny Rose dismissed in last night’s defeat to Manchester City at White Hart Lane. After the match, Tim Sherwood voiced his opinion on the crucial decision.

I think Andre got it right in the first place when he called it as a corner,” he said. “But, Unfortunately for us, the linesman decided that Andre got it wrong.

“I think Danny’s making a last-ditch tackle so he’s having to lunge in there a bit. He clearly wins the ball. I think we will appeal.”

With so little cover at left back, Danny’s potential absence could hurt the team, particularly if Jan Vertonghen isn’t fit enough to take his place. Under the circumstances and looking at the footage, an appeal seems a logical way to go.


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9 Responses

  1. borris says:

    Least of our worries. Any chance of some cohesion or any sense of a plan from our management?

    (at board level, not timmy, bless his cottons, probably a Levy puppet)

  2. akshayaalase says:

    Fuck of SPURES WILL SIGN 6 PLAYER in january 1.FABIO CONTRAO 2.ANGELO DI MARIA 3.JAVIER HERNANDEZ(ON LOAN AND SOLDADO LOAN OUT) 4. Kevin strootmam or fredy gaurin 5.benteke or berbatov 6. Bernard

  3. This has to be overturned. Scandalous decision. My blog post on the game is here if you are interested:

    We do need to buy a left back before the window closes for cover. Naughton is very much a right sided player and Vertonghen is needed at centre back.

  4. THFC says:

    Rose had a good game yesterday before the sending off looked like our most dangerous player going forward which says a lot.. Another left back is badly needly tho just in case something like this happens again or the ban is not overturned.. GET BENNY BACK NOW!!!

  5. Tushabe julius says:

    pliz bring BEK back

  6. allardyce says:

    History tells me, this will not get overturned because a linesman has seen it, and ruled it this way. They will never challenge the integrity of their on field refs and assistants even if they are dead wrong. It’s the way the FA is.

  7. pk says:

    Outclassed but the sending off made it harder very harsh but sometimes these things go against you the only plus point is the pikeys are off the top would rather finish 5th then them slags win the league coys

    • allardyce says:

      we needed better tactics. going against city head to head was foolish. the players still think too highly of themselves. these humblings have humbled nobody but the fans.

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