Almost as soon as Tim Sherwood took the hot seat at Spurs, many assumed he would be out of the job by the end of this season. With a relatively short, 18 month contract, and several top names potentially becoming available after the World Cup, the gossip has been incessant.

That gossip has only increased since Michael Laudrup left Swansea yesterday. The Welsh club have hit the panic button as they hover just two points above the relegation zone, although one win in ten league games marks an alarming slide.

As for Tim Sherwood, he is fourth favourite in the sack race with only Chris Hughton, Rene Meulensteen and Sam Allardyce in front of him. The knives are out but is Michael Laudrup’s managerial record anything to get particularly excited about?




  1. As a die-hard swans fan, I say this.

    If I was Spurs, I would run a million miles from this guy.
    Spurs look better with Sherwood than ever they did with AVB.
    I could never make out anything AVB said as his voice was always too gruff. Laudroup, when he speaks, never injects any passion, and He would ruin a decent Spurs side.
    So for God’s sake let him go to Siberia or even further away than that.

  2. Spurs, dont do it, look at the real reasons Laudrup had to go.

    Do you have a bad memory or can’t you remember the last time he made a decisive tactical substitution?

    Thanks for Michu, but mediocre for more than a year now and the old phone in manager – you had one too – does not work

  3. Please no. If you scratch beneath the surface of Laudrup’s managerial record you will see how many chairmen, players etc he has fallen out with. He is not cut out for top level management.

  4. Vok no , u had his chance , I wont leave swansea midseason he said , we dnt want rejects, suck it son , tim aint bad just blerrie stuborn he knws the players he has , lamela , capoue , sandro , he knws how to play them to , but he so wants his ” children ” to shine he sacrifices the team , nah tim stop this maddness , they will have their 15 mins of fame , but the team comes first , as for levy , thank heavens I can’t swear , why *#a# did harry go ???????? Cheasea brought jose back , levy also needs to suck it up be the bigger man kojack … Sorry is the hardesr thing to say , aint it small guy ,, shalom !!!

  5. Breaking into the top four is a formidable task, probably well beyond the capacity of Laudrup and certainly Sherwood, If Levy is serious about achieving our dreams, he must engage a manager with a CV such as Louis Van Gal or Ancellotti if he becomes available. Nothing else will do! It’s about time that the chairman makes the right call – he would have failed badly in eight attempts when Sherwood is shown the door.

  6. Why would we want a scaked manager who over two years has ruined a very good Swans side? Klinsman, no way not proven yet. Wait until Summer and lets see where e are with Tim. Then lets look to bring in a boss who will stay the course, loves the club, and has the abilty to work with a DOF, I think that man is Gus Poyet, if not Pochentinio. LVG is too old and arrogant, we wont get Ko;eman, or De boer.

  7. Since when is ponchenwhateverhisnameis proven, or in love with the club.idiot!poyet( not proven,or in love with club!).we payed him a good wage when his chelscum career was over then sacked him with Ramos.his football ideas are not suited to the country that has made him a fortune.klinsmann would demand passion and attract players,and has a real affinity with the fans!.clueless as always on here!

  8. Why would we want Laudrup? (And the gossip hasn’t increased. A poor manager has been sacked and some desperate blogs have suggested he should go to Tottenham. Non starter. What a waste of ink.)

  9. I don’t want laudrup at spurs,but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t do a good job.i just think it would be AVB part 2 with better players.he is a legendary footballer with untold knowledge but when it comes to the crunch(uninspiring and dull springs to mind).that might be my preference for Cardiff speaking there!.while I’m on the Swansea/Cardiff thing,we missed 2 huge tricks with Martinez and Rodgers.hate watching both bin dipping teams playing so well.that is definitely my jealousy speaking now!.

  10. People MUST to remember that managing an injury-ravaged Swansea team is VASTLY different to managing a talented-packed Spurs squad.

    Okay, yes, every manager has to deal with injuries, but some squads are better equipped to deal with that than others. And with players like De Guzman, Shelvy, Williams, Ranghel, Dyer, Hernandez AND Michu all missing for PROLONGED periods of time, Michael was ALWAYS going to struggle….ESPECIALLY if you consider that the Swansea squad has been stretched even further by the demands of having to cope with a Europa League campaign.

    I get the impression that Laudrup thought VERY carefully before ruling himself out of the Spurs manager job earlier this season. If I remember correctly, it was his assistant that spoke to the media regarding his position at the time with the Dane only confirming his stance a week later.
    It’s completely within the realms of possibility that Laudrup had come to regret that decision and, as a result, could of become disillusioned with life at Swansea. Add the fact some of his staff were sacked during the course of the current campaign WITHOUT his say so, and it’s easy to believe all had not been well down in Wales.

    The simple truth about Laudrup is that he has enjoyed (relative) success at every he has managed. Could he replicate that at a higher level with Spurs??? I see no reason to believe he couldn’t. But whether he will get the opportunity after appearing lukewarm on the idea before is another matter entirely.

    As for Sherwood, he was ALWAYS going to be a work in progress. Having never managed a professional senior side at ANY level, let alone the EPL, Tim has been put in a position where he is STILL very much learning on the job.

    I think its fair to say he has enjoyed a decent start. With his biggest blemish, in my opinion, coming at Hull last week, where he watched without acting, as he side failed to establish any REAL control/momentum/dominance in a match where most expected them to win. On that day, Sherwood looked to lack the creativity to change events on the field, at a time when hiss side were crying out for some guidance/ inspiration.

    Tim WILL continue to make mistakes as he adjusts to the rigours/demands of top-level management. But providing he shows an aptitude to learn (relatively) QUICKLY, I think Sherwood can go on to be a HUGE success… whether that will be at Spurs, or somewhere else.

    Sherwood has shown PLENTY of promise in his short reign as Spurs boss, but he will have to do more than that if he isn’t to fall victim to Levy’s notoriously sharp axe come the end of the season.

  11. If with ate going to replace shwewood get louis van gaul he has won things everywhere he has been although with Man city and chelsea spending power it will be very hard unless this fair play league comes in no one will ever get close

  12. Now if I do a true assessment of BL then I would have to say hes a good manager who due to his experience and achievements in his career thus far would be better fit with the Spurs hotseat than Sherwood. On paper.
    To be totally honest Swansea are mad in sacking him. Swansea are 12th and 3 points from 10th. Now unless Swansea suddenly morphed into Man U over night then I struggle to understand why they would sack a manager who won them there first major trophy in their history and also gave a good run in europa. Yes there not up for top 4 but with there main man missing in michu and other key players injured then you won’t get better than 12th. Michu out for swansea is like Van P out for Man U, without him they are significantly weaker, its there main weapon disabled. So yes Swansea are mugs getting rid but In terms of Spurs, id say keep Sherwood as he knows Spurs and after his good but unremarkable start he deserves a chance. In reality BL would do better than TS with the spurs squad in my opinion. I say the current nature of the nationalities in Spurs squad, a multi lingual manager could do well. However TS deserses a shot, but Spurs are too big of a club in the long run to have an inexperced manager, so unless TS does crazy things like lifts ueafa or gets top 4 then come summer hes got to go and practice and be great elswhere.If Levy went and got BL id understand why but ideally id wait til summer and get the best we can and hope TS comes up trumps against BR, SM, DM. Odds are against him but stranger things have happened. Ironically Swansea have gone the Spurs route in hiring a manager whos an ex player with no experience but knows the club well. Hmmm lets see.

  13. I find it odd that we assume that Klinsmann would readily leave an improving national team located near his home for the ass pirate of a chairman we have. He knows he’d be sacked within two years cause that’s itchy’s style… Levy is making a great club into a place you’d only go for a paycheck. Sad.

  14. Swansea seem to forget beating Valencia this season and that their still in the Europa league thanks to Laudrup you also won the league cup thanks to him less than a year ago expecting anything better than 8th would be unrealistic and lets just say if he stayed and Swansea still best Cardiff he would have been in 10th meaning you would still be doing well in the league so he would have been sacked for a fallout with a few players or sacked for not disciplining them


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