Belgian international Nacer Chadli opened his Premier League account for Spurs with a stunning curling effort against Newcastle. The late strike completed a 4-0 win and was a boost for a man who could easily have been playing at Swansea for the remainder of the season.

When explaining why he turned down the loan opportunity Chadli said,

“I had to make a decision and my decision was to stay. Everything was not clear so I wanted to stay at Tottenham and play for my club. I have signed for five years and I’m happy. When I came to Spurs, I knew I wasn’t going to play in every game as we have 60 matches in a season. I came and got injured, played, got injured again and so I haven’t played as much as I have wanted, but we have a big squad with a lot of good players and we have to compete with each other. I have to work hard in training and show it when I play.”

One goal doesn’t turn things around but with Erik Lamela continuing to struggle with form and injury, Chadli could feature more from the bench and the Belgian seems likely to start the game with Dnipro on Thursday night. Can he impress enough to have a big future at Spurs?




  1. Its there to see the guy Chaldi can be a very good player indeed he needs to be given an extended run in the first team , and also Capue can start to shine if played in his prefered position , Spurs have a habit of watching a player at such and such a position but when they arrive at the lane they are choosen for a complete opposite position , i have been watching Real Madrid this past lot of weeks and Bale is played on the right wing a player must be contented and happy at his prefered position i know sometimes things happen that a player can`t play in his preferred position but a manager / coach must get the best out of a player as they can and choose them responciably .

  2. All he did was score a goal in a very comfortable situation, unchallenged by a demoralised team. Let’s see if he can turn it on when it matters.

  3. Hasn’t turned anywhere in my book! The kid is a CLASS ACT, who has ALL the tools required to be a success in the EPL, and it’s only a matter of time before he comes good. Spurs supporters show their hand when they choose to condemn Nacer for his performances in a Tottenham shirt, but won’t have a bad word said about Lamela.

    I know Erik has got more youtube clips than Chadli but the TRUTH of the matter is that both players are in VERY similar positions.

    Both are very talented (young) individuals, who since arriving at Spurs have struggled to adapt to a NEW league, NEW environment and NEW style of play. Add to that the continued/prolonged fitness problems BOTH have experienced, and it’s easy to understand why these two players have struggled to find their best form.

    Performing well is about CONFIDENCE. Confidence is gained by feeling you have made a (key) contribution to the teams success. Contributing to the teams success is easier to do (especially for a foreigner in a new league) when you have a run of 6 to 10 to acclimatise/adapt to the demands of the competition, as well as your team-mates.

    I wrote BEFORE the Newcastle game that once Nacer (or Erik) makes a telling contribution (the better the quality, the bigger the impact) we will see a completely new player emerge, and that is what I expect to see from here on end.

    Levy and Co did an EXCELLENT job of acquiring the seven (high-quality) INTERNATIONALS the club brought in the summer, but anyone who thought they were all going to come in and be immediate successes was either very optimistic, or just plain naive.

    The fact that none of them have REALLY excelled thus far, and yet the club finds itself in a healthy league position should be looked upon as a positive, as these players WILL only improve once they get the minutes (and the goals/assists/MOM awards) on the pitch which will help them to settle, and develop the confidence they require to flourish.

    • Well said, totally agree! In my opinion all we need at the club is a left back and a striker. How nice would it be if they were both British, say, a young well known Southampton left back and a young British striker(if not Lukaku).

    • Well said, one of the better comments which had been written about spurs this season, I also think We are going to see the best of chadli and lemela next season, each playing in their proper wings

  4. True Chadli and Lamela have not shown a drop of what they can do yet. Which is exciting. Lamela can dribble his way out of hell with the devil lunging in studs showing.

  5. well done at last positive response for chadli he has got goals in him just needs time and confidense same for lamela role on next season then we will see the best of them if i remember giroud was not that good for the gooners last season


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