Spurs suffered their first defeat in this season’s Europa League after a late Yevhen Konoplyanka penalty secured a 1-0 win for Dnipro. The Ukrainians probably edged it on the night with Brad Friedel making important saves behind some last ditch blocks while Spurs had fewer chances at the other end.

The one notable exception was the gaping goal presented to Roberto Soldado but after the game, Tim Sherwood had a few words to say about the pitch which had admittedly played a small part in the Spaniard’s wayward effort.

“He would expect to score,” Sherwood said in regards to Soldado’s chance. “I haven’t seen it again but I’m not sure he will be too complimentary about the pitch.

“I am not using it as an excuse, not for the chance, as both teams played on it but I am sure that it must have played some part in Robbie missing that one.

“The pitch was a disgrace, it is no excuse as both teams had to play on it but it is possibly the worst pitch I have experienced in a long time.”

Meanwhile, the coach was also hopeful, if not supremely confident that the club could turn things around at White Hart Lane in a week’s time.

“The positive thing is we’re still in the tie, we’ll bring them back to the Lane next Thursday and hopefully we’ll stay in the competition,” Sherwood added.




  1. If Tim Sherwood does not drop Dawson and Bentaleb and amongst other things starts Erickson in the midlle of the 3 in a 4-2-3-1 formation, we will “not”/ have no chance of finishing in the top 4 and he “will” be fired.

    • I agree Dawson needs rid of, hes been a good leader, brave, but hes too slow!! Kaboul and Chiriches are better players, maybe bringlascelles in the summer to replace him. Eriksen is a grest player but needs to be more physical, To be fair up until last nigh bentelab has played well and a real team player. Capoue, chsdli and towsnend last night didnt have any drive or creativity!!! Tims already gone in the summer as someone is clearly lined up to come in and push us on.

      • Although Bentaleb has not played badly he is not a top 4 player. Even though Erickson needs to toughen up a bit he is a far better player than Bentaleb. I would much rather have Dembele, Paulhinho, Capoue (ideally Sandro) and Erickson as my midfielders. I know Capoue was not good on the night against Dnipro but he is world class at best, plays for France and was player of the year in the French league last season.

        • For a experienced player Capoue was out muscled last night and clearly not better than sandro, dembelee, eriksen or bentelab. A bad buy i reckon and too outspoken in the press.

  2. If our main aim is to finish in top four; then its probably we drop out the uefa! Our second team players arent good enough. We need young blood in the summer, swap dawson with lascelles, a young keeper, a keeper, an experienced left back as rose isnt up to it! A midfielder or winger who can cross the ball with pace! And a young striker to push ade and sol!! I reckon with that we can finish in top four next season!! Come on levy n baldini invest in the future and it will come good if we keep the team we have. I think tim already knows when he signed a newmanager is coming in to push us on! But hes done well so far.

  3. Actually thought Soldado played well yesterday, some of his link up was excellent but he’ll never cut it in the prem. While he links well he doesn’t have the pace to then get into the box to finish moves off. His game is much more suited to Spain as the build up is slower so he can get involved in moves and then get into the area to finish.
    Ade is our only striker with the power needed in the league. Fingers crossed he stays fit and we don’t go bust cos we misspent £26m FFS

  4. Our midfielders don’t make early runs into the box why is that , how is the likes of eriksen supposed to play the killer pass if only 1 guy is making a run in the box . Look at Liverpool soon as possession is turned over everyone is making a run into the box.

  5. So the only option is to cross and I don’t know why our English players not foreign players can’t cross it’s a mess at spurs and I’m tired of it.

    • Exactly what i think, lennon could never cross a ball and townsend shoots as soon as past 40yds!!! Lamela hopefuly given time can produce what we are lacking.

  6. dawson has to go his fault for the goal nad he keeps putting us in trouble every game , apart from that miss soldado was our best player


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