Jan Vertonghen has had quite a lot to say in recent weeks and while his current thoughts on our chances of making the top four are more realistic than positive, he did give a strong hint that he would stay at White Hart Lane next season.

Firstly, the Belgian international conceded that our Champions League chances are effectively over following yesterday’s 1-0 defeat in the North London derby.

“I do not want to look at the table anymore because the gap is very big,” Vertonghen admitted.

“All four sides at the top are stronger than they were last year and we have stayed at the same level. If you see last season, then we did not improve.”

Jan went on to claim that the current squad is capable of achieving a top four finish while hinting that he will remain a part of that quest.

“I think we do have the players to achieve Champions League and I hope we can achieve it next year.”

Rumours of bids from Manchester United have gathered momentum – not that they will be offering Champions League football either but we feel that Jan’s future could very much go either way this summer, particularly if he turns in some solid performances at the World Cup.





  1. Jan is a special talent. he was lucky not to give us a couple red card on a few occassions this year, like yesterday and pantsgate. but his value has never been higher than it is now. it’s time to cash in since we got him for relatively little. I’m thinking we could get double what we got for him, and start over with a youngster.

  2. Verts is gone. He doesn’t give a shit anymore, you can see it a mile off. And he’ll use the fact we’re not in the Champions League next season as his excuse.

  3. Agree Nat. He is much too casual, like he’s trying to be cool. Admittedly he has qualities, but he doesn’t seem really up for the fight. Just too bad we sold Caulker so soon.

  4. The trouble with Vertonghen is ,he thinks he’s champions league material and he isnt.If he goes at seasons end,you wont see me crying.Who sold Caulker?avb I would think,probaly because he queried his ablities,a la Ade.COYS

    • Yes, he wanted to go to Arsenal as well, but you already had 3 CBs. He knew that, and thats why he came here. Frankly, I think he was going to be more successful at Spurs anyway seeing as how your name is implying your worship of your center backs.


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