Sherwood Expects…

Sherwood Expects…


Tim Sherwood is looking forward to a number of developments over the summer but while many of us fully expect a new manager to be installed before the start of next season, our current Head Coach is in a minority by being confident of remaining in the hot seat.

Recent results don’t need going over again and while his overall record isn’t actually that bad, our former midfielder’s  lack of experience has been exposed in games against Arsenal, Benfica, Norwich, Chelsea and even the solitary win among that bunch against Cardiff.

“It’s out of my hands but I believe I’ll be here next year. I’m planning for next season. The players are playing for their futures,” Sherwood said prior to tonight’s return leg with the Portuguese league leaders.

The quote came at the end of a Press Conference where Tim first touched on the question of Louis Van Gaal coming in as his replacement.

“People ask me this all the time, he is obviously destined to want to manage in England,” Sherwood said.

“He has got a good track record, he is a good manager and I’m sure he’ll get his opportunity: he’s been shouting loud enough for it.”

The current coach went on to talk about the club’s policy over future signings.

“I will sign the players, absolutely. Nobody else will come in here unless I sanction it. You can’t work any other way,” he added.

“The manager has got to work with the players, so unless he gets the players he wants it’s always going to be an uphill task. He will always have the excuse of, ‘well, they’re not my players’.

“Someone else has made those decisions in the past and I’ve not been privy to it. I know the type of players I want to improve the group and take it forward next season.”

A lot of what he says there makes perfect sense but can Tim Sherwood really expect to remain in his post for next season or is he just deflecting reporters away and not giving them want they really want to hear?


  1. Expects to loose his job!!!! Hes saying he will still be there and i believe he will. I reckon a manager is lined up already, weve brought back our chief scout and i reckon baldini is gonna be sacked with sherwood taking over as his role whilst getting hid badges long term….

  2. Spurs will always be Spurs!.
    Why not bring in new manager asap rather than let this man do the job if he has no power in selecting new player.
    End of day same excuse…”Oh I’m not the one who choose the players” if the team not doing well.
    Guess they’ll never learn…


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