The dialogue between Tim Sherwood and Paulinho hasn’t quite escalated into a ‘war of words’ but the two men continue to react to each other’s comments. Earlier in the week, the Brazilian said he was unhappy at being excluded from the first team while Sherwood responded by suggesting he should show more fight and desire in training.

“I pick players on what they are doing in training, not on reputations and price tags,” Sherwood said.

“He knows if he trains well and plays well, he stays in the side. He’s come here from another country and the language has been a problem for him,” he added.

Paulinho has responded further and while he is defending those accusations, it may just be wiser to simply shut up and get on with it.

“I almost retired in 2008 after I came back from Eastern Europe,” Paulinho said. “I was not happy with the way my career was going. I almost thought of giving up.

“My wife told me not to give up on football. It was a very honest conversation. She said it would show a lack of respect for my family to give up now, after they had supported me so much.”

Despite all of these quotes, the only way Paulinho is going to impress the current coach is by improving on the pitch but will the Brazilian even get the chance after his latest comments?





  1. It’s simple – learn the language, appreciate you can not have four touches of the ball in this league (or you will be disposed) and DO NOT duck out of challenges.

    The premier league is a tough league to come into, you should never give up on a player after the first season. You do see glimpses with Paulinho, hopefully he can do better under LVG.

  2. I f I were Paulinho I would ignore Sherwood’s comments for the following reasons:-
    1) Tim is a fucking moron.
    2) Tim will not be in post next season.
    3) Acknowledging him only encourages him .

  3. the only good thing about sherwood is his honesty dont moan about the ref etc unlike the pedo fergie etc but the bloke is a pub team manager end of.


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