Our loan star German midfielder Lewis Hotlby is focussing firmly on Fulham’s plight at the bottom of the Premier League and is currently preparing for tomorrow’s crucial fixture with Norwich City. However, as the season draws to a close, Lewis has one eye on next season and is hoping to re-establish himself in the Spurs side and see out his contract.

“I loved playing for Tottenham and I would like to fulfil my contract there. But at first it is important to avoid relegation with Fulham,” Holtby told Goal.com.

“I will only think about stuff when the time comes to think about it.”

The reality however is that Lewis is very much unsure about his immediate future.

“The status quo is that I will go back to Spurs after the summer holidays. I can’t tell you what is going to happen until then,” he added. “My agent takes care of everything and as far as I know his mobile is always turned on.”

Holtby hasn’t exactly been the defining player in Fulham’s mini-revival but he has scored once in six games while showing signs of his best form. Many Spurs fans would be happy to see the 23 year old return to the squad ahead of next season but where can he possibly fit in?




    • here here shows you what a joke club we are we have teo of the worst full backs in the clubs history playing levy sherwood fuck off now you pair of mugs

  1. Expect him to be sold. There’s too many better players than him in midfield and eriksen and lamela will be in attacking midfield. I don’t really know what the people that slate bentaleb are watching! He’s been our most consistent midfielder since Sherwood took over and has had far more good performances than bad and some brilliant ones. Either get a grip on your knowledge of football or get over the fact that sherwood is manager and stop using bentaleb as a stick to beat him with! He’s gonna be a great player in a few years time, mark my words.


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