Amidst reports that he was under pressure from the board to play Erik Lamela, Spurs head coach Tim Sherwood has reiterated that our record signing will not feature again this season. That leaves the Argentinian with nine Premier League appearances – 17 overall – and a solitary goal in the Europa League against FC Sheriff.

“There’ll be no chance Erik’s fit,” Tim said. “I read in the paper, or someone told me, that the hierarchy here are asking for him to get more opportunities. Chance would be a fine thing, he’s injured.

Sherwood was then asked if Lamela could come back and improve for the 2014-15 campaign.

“Can he kick on and be a big player next season? You know what, I haven’t seen enough of him. He’s never been fit. I think he was fit for about three weeks while I was in charge, and then he’s been out injured,” the coach added.

“That’s still an unknown quantity as far as I’m concerned. I’ve assessed the rest of the squad and I’ve got my ideas on who’s capable and probably who’s not. With Erik, the jury’s still out because I haven’t seen enough of him. He’s been very unfortunate.

“I think the benefit he will have is he’ll be settled so he’ll improve from that but, as regards settling into the Premier League, I think the jury’s still out because he’s not played enough football.”

With just five games left, it’s looking even less likely that Erik Lamela will appear this season and that will spark the next question – will he ever be seen in a Spurs shirt again?



  1. Who actually gives a flying f**k what Sherwood has to say about Erik Lamela? Whatever he says about the boy is irrelevant. To all intents and purposes Sherwood is a dead man walking, we all know he wont be managing Spurs next season and will have no say on who the club buys or sells.
    The press will continue to ask him questions just to keep the soap opera going.

  2. We can’t rely on lamela or any player making the difference for us next season seeing Liverpool it’s the manager and the style of play that makes the difference I want pocchetino and I want to play how Southampton plays ,easy enough

  3. I’d get pep guardiola if I wanted to play like Barcelona,
    Or mourinho if I wanted to play like Chelsea, arsenal wenger if I wanted to play like arsenal. Mr levy choose our style by choosing our manager.

  4. It fair to say Sherwood is sounding off on a few of the squad players he dislikes the trouble for Sherwood is his not going to the manager at the start of next season.

    Personally Bring Harry back he will get the best out this kid and the new players recently signed !!


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