It was only a matter of time before Christian Eriksen was linked with a move away from White Hart Lane despite the midfielder being the only player to come out and verbally commit his future to Tottenham. The Dane has emerged as the only new signing to come away from the campaign with any merit and he is now a certainty to be named as the supporters’ player of the season.

“For me the feeling I have at the club isn’t dependent on being in the Champions League, I’m happy here and am looking forward to the future,” Eriksen said at the start of this month.

Several Man of the Match performances have followed and while these rumours are predictable, many of them are ridiculous. There are claims that Spurs have ‘slapped’ an 18 million Euro price tag on Eriksen’s head but Juventus are among several teams willing to pay that figure.

Of course they are: Hopefully this will all go away but try doubling that price and you might start getting close to the player’s true value.



  1. Doubling?

    I”m pretty sure that a 22 year old player who has proven himself in the CL with Ajax and now the PL with Spurs is probably worth about £50m to Daniel Levy.

  2. The press are about to start on their yearly ‘sell every spurs player’ routine … its so pathetic but what is worse is the supporters who believe that an Italian friend of the sub editor from a paper with a circulation of 50 spoke to the cleaner of the local train station who is the daughter of the cleaner in the same town as the player and saw the writing on the toilet door that said …. CRAP !!!

  3. highest rated advicers in his home land Denmark, all believe he has come to the right club in Spurs, and all agree he shall stay there for the coming years, he is still young, and his development, will be on the right track in a club as our beloved Spurs

  4. Why are blogs even pursuing this about Eriksen. We all know that anything coming out from the Italian press where this story originated from, is complete nonsense. A couple of days ago it was Paulhino to a choice of Napoli, Inter, Juventus. Now they are even suggesting that Vertonghen is off to Roma. What’s the betting that Sandro will be next Spurs star off to Italy because of his recent disagreement with our esteemed manager Timmy.

  5. it may be crap but it’s got us all talking about it.
    mind you as far as i’m concerned we’d be doing ourselves a favour by offloading most of those players we got last summer – eriksen apart that is

    • Led, do you remember when Bale first got into the Spurs team, it was by default, Redknapp had no choice but to play him but didn’t fancy him, he wanted to sell him to Birmingham for £3M. Even the press thought that he was a dud and a Jonah because Spurs couldn’t win a game with him in the side but the boy was moved from left back and took off, the rest is history. All these new players we brought in can’t suddenly become crap over night. They have to adjust to the EPL and each other’s style of play. We even had our doubts about Modric in the beginning and look what he became. If we are to get a new manager, you can be sure that Spurs won’t sell anyone until the new man assess all the players, he won’t just dismiss them and who knows, they may turn out to be brilliant for Spurs as both Bale and Modric did.

  6. LOL Love the headlines, and it is so true. This is not a sunday sale out, and some Juventus fans said Eriksen was not good enouge for Juventus. But any playere there are good enouge for Tottenham and Real Madrid, should be more then qualify to play for the old lady. But Hey Juventus we are decent gentlemans , be happy we not would ask the same amount of money as we took for bale, but Eriksen would cost you more then Ozil. Then we can talk.

  7. Hi i am from Juventus, can we buy your player Ronaldo, we will pay you £25 million, but hey we can ask Juventus if they will sell Pirlo for £8mllion.

  8. I’m not naive, but I would like Christian to play one more season for us. I would say he is worth at least 20m, but for that price, we should not sell. Somebody would have to come way over that amount.

  9. He’s not going anywhere lol.

    The Italian papers talk absolute BS all the time and we have no reason to sell. He strikes me as a lad with his head firmly screwed on and I doubt he will want to change clubs again so soon.


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