At least he is, according to his agent who has been talking up a possible move to Serie A. Although our Brazilian suffered again with injuries during this campaign, he was available more than in 2012-13 and Tim Sherwood’s decision to bench him amidst public criticism always ran the risk of a departure at the end of the season.

Luiz Paulo Chignall cites two Italian sides and he goes even further by claiming that his client wants to leave White Hart Lane,

“The interest of Napoli and Roma? We have not had direct contacts and there have been no formal offers,” Chignall said.

“We know that many clubs are following Sandro.

“He would like to play in Serie A, it is a very important championship but now we have to wait to know if he can leave Tottenham or not.

“I think that Tottenham want to keep him, but I cannot rule out that they decide to sell if there will be a good offer.”

There’s obviously been no word from Sandro on the subject. The Brazilian has shown on social media that he clearly loves the club but will his treatment by Sherwood lead to a move, irrespective of who comes in as the new head coach?



  1. If he goes then it is only right and proper that we issue a contract hit on Dim Tim… But in his defence Tim is just stupid whereas the pillock who put him in charge is criminally negligent…. Double hit on Levy!

  2. Hes a good playet and will grace any team. Hopfuly he will stay and our new manager will get him back to his good form…

  3. Proof of the cancer that Tim Sherwood was. His short tenure could have caused damages that set this club back further then any failed Ramos, AvB, etc. His lambasting and public criticising of players left me worried all season. Every time he spoke it made me fear who he would alienate from Tottenham now. This story is the first to surface of players unrest that was caused by the belligerent idiot Dim. I personally hope that Levy makes up for the appointment of Dim and refuses to allow our prized players a transfer. Seriously. Dim Sherwood felt that he wasn’t good enough to make the bench, yet the Italians (and other clubs too) have been continuously linked to him for a 30m transfer ever since the CL match vs AC Milan. How badly has that man F****d our team?

  4. You (and other web-sites) are leaving out the bit where his agent says he’s happy

    “He is very fine in London and has a great relationship with the fans, who consider him an idol.”

    But then it’s not so much of a story, is it? I expect that sort of rubbish from Transfer Tavern or whatever but not sites that purport to be Spurs blogs.

  5. Please, I know it’s difficult but if this site claims to be run by true Spurs fans then it should desist from copying bullshit from other sites and papers who do not in any way have any interest in Spurs other than to be disruptive and destructive. When Sandro had his love in with Deadwood a month or so ago, his agent was saying exactly the same thing back then. Isn’t this just regurgitated crap reheated and reinvented as something new?

  6. We must keep Sandro he is one of several players who we must keep. If you are not bothered about him going then you have not been watching him over his time at Spurs, he is awesome. Lloris, Verthonghen, Ericksen, Ade, Lamella, must not be sold.


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