Reports began to emerge yesterday suggesting that current Southampton manager Mauricio Pochettino will be named as Spurs’ head coach within 48 hours and those stories have certainly had an impact on the betting.

Seven days ago, Pochettino was the narrow favourite ahead of Frank De Boer but has now shortened to 1/14 in places with the Dutchman drifting out to 9/1.

The Mirror claim that the 42 year old Argentinian has always been the number one target due to an impressive season and a half at St Mary’s where he has worked well alongside a director of football. The story goes on to state that the two parties are locked in negotiations while Southampton are trying desperately to improve their existing deal in the hope that Pochettino will stay.

There’s going to be more to come from this story but if all the reports are to be believed, Mauricio Pochettino is the new man at White Hart Lane. Is he the right choice?




  1. 5th choice behind Van Gaal, De Boer, Accelotti and Benitez.
    Not wanted by the fans and has already split the board.

    The soap opera that is THFC continues to entertain.

    • speak for yourself george…he was 2nd choice behind lvg. Most of the fans i know want him. I also want him. reasons are obvious. He is the most logical choice if u think about it properly. De Boer would of been a bigger risk. Only poch has proven that he can play the way we want within a structure that we have. His record with youth is excellent too.

      • And most fans I know DONT want him; why should we ? Finishing 12 points behind us, and we were awful and in disarray, is not prime credentials to manage us. Won nothing and the Argentine version of AVB.The opportunity was there to appoint a manager that would make a statement to the rest of the premiership but, yet again, no. We take the cheaper option because when he’s sacked , the compo won’t be too bad. Much like the ‘stadium’ that will never be. That land was bought cheap and will be sold for development for a massive profit when the London Assembly eventually rule in favour of the remaining company. This club is rapidly turning into its own sit com ”Only Fools and Levy”. I saw my first game when I was 7in 1962. Can’t be bothered any more.

        • And we all believe polls !! Ukip won Europe but have naff all chance of winning next years election !! Nothing can replace football experience for this league. Its being street wise to deal with every game differently. JM has it, so to has Pellegrini, Wenger, Benitez, Ancelloti, LVG and even Pulis and Arry. But with respect MoPo hasn’t. He dealt with a ‘very nice’ club in Southampton admirably and that shouldn’t be enough to warrent him being in the top 6 managerial choices for our club, let alone the prime candidate. choices

  2. I agree with Azads. I think what poch has done with the southhampton team is quite amazing. Remember when adkins was sacked, they were close to the bottom but ended the season with victories over a couple of big teams. I too liked the idea of De Boer but premier league experience is vital so in that sense pochettino makes a lot of sense.

  3. People appear really split on this one.

    Mo Po was 3rd choice for me behind LVG & FDB.

    His appointment would not be the end of the world, I would get behind him and support him.

    LVG was never going to happen, he was waiting to see what transpired with the Man U job. FDB come across as a little bit too media happy and another Harry/Sherwood would not appeal to the board.

    Mo Po has prem experience, appears to do well with youth, doesn’t appear to want to be on the back pages and should be able to get the best out of fellow Argentine Erik Lamela.

    I think the board are hoping for a Rodgers/Martinez type, only time will tell.

    Mo Po – COYS.

      • Agree. What is this with ‘prem league experience’? Many a team managed by prem league experienced men have gone down, Harry for one. Means sod all. How much P L E did Pelligrini have ? None and who won the league ? Street wise football experience and players with balls wins games and we have neither.

  4. I agree with the some of the views above he was not 1st or 2nd of 3rd choice to become the manager of spurs if and I mean if he does let see what he brings to the club we have to rally around him if it is confirmed.

    perhaps the low expectations we have of him may be to his advantage he can make a real name for him self providing the board back him !!

    COYS !!

  5. Funny how the arguments people use for Frank de Boer being a better choice are the same that got Santini, Ramos and AVB hired…
    While the arguments people use against Pochettino as new manager didn’t seem to inhibit neither Jol nor Rednapp’s Spurs management careers…

    Something to think about!

    • I completely agree – also, if people really are stupid enough to pigeon hole everyone as if, certain similar circumstances in their career mean they are equals they will never be happy anyway. These INDIVIDUALS that are under consideration are unrelated to previous incumbents – Because AVB had one trophies in a weak league before he came here and FdB has now won trophies in Holland that doesn’t make them equals… FdB could be the real deal (he has not just performed well with Ajax, he’s broken records) Poch may be great, it may be a step too far, we don’t know until we get him in. At least he plays decent footy

      • In general comparing Head Coaches based on their results in different leagues/countries/clubs make very little sense!
        I see more similarities in the type of coach, between FdB and Pochettino, than differences… It is obvious that Levy is looking for a coach with a clearly defined playing style, a coach who wants to play football “the right way” and a coach who has proved himself developing young players… Both FdB and Pochettino ticks all those boxes!
        The only difference between them is how their career development was structured… One has helped smaller teams over-perform in bigger leagues (lets not forget that Southampton’s Premier League budget is in the bottom 5-6), while the other has helped a bigger team dominate a smaller league… They have about the same amount of years coaching experience… They both have strong mentors (Pochettino = Bielsa and FdB = Cruijff/Van Gaal)…

        Both can be successful in our club based on their career developments, and personally I find it hard choosing one over the other… I guess that makes me one of those that will be happy whichever of the two gets hired 🙂

  6. Massive fan opf freedom of speech until I saw a few comments on here! Maybe North Korea are onto something – Jim, seriously… bit melodramatic. He turned southampton around, he’s done well, there’s every reason to be positive. I hope you’re not a season ticket holder – you sound like you’re one of the people that have contributed to my match day experience being awful – non-stop moaning and booing… it’s embarrassing. Where the hell has this sense of entitlement come from!?!?

  7. Not my choice either, but come on, we have to back him 100% and see how he does. We finished 10 points off 4th spot last season and with any half-experienced manager since December we would certainly have finished much closer. Some horrendous results against the top 4 aside, we had a reasonable season considering we sold Bale (who single-handedly won a number of games) and then stupidly recruited 7 players with zero Prem experience to appease the fans, instead of investing in a couple of really good, Prem experienced players to replace him.

    Lamela will come good, Ericksen is clearly a talent and Paulinho is a class act too, if played in the right position. The biggest mistake was Soldado, who would have suited the likes of Utd or City perfectly, even our side under Harry a few years back, but not the system used by AVB and then Dim.

    I wanted Benitez, a clear winner with bags of experience, who could rub shoulders with each of the top 4 managers, however if it is Pochettino then of course I’ll support him, just like I did Francis, Gross, Graham, Santini, Ramos & AVB.

  8. It saddens me to realise how many fans are against Pochettino. He is a quality manager and is a perfect fit for the group of players Spurs already have. Lets face it, De Boer and Poch are both good at developing players but with De Boer we would have to sell most of what we have. Levy isn’t going to sanction us going back into transition for the next 3 to 5 years to buy a whole new squad, when we already have a top squad in need of some time and tweeks. Pochettino is the man who will love taking over this group and with a bit of time will tweek us into a top side.

    I hpe that the boo boys don’t boo him and the players every time we lose or draw a game like under avb. Sherwood seemed to keep the morons happy by making them believe we’d a squad of wooden ones. Those players all have top quality about them and Pochettino will get that out of them.

    Ricky Lambert was about the only player worth 10m at Southampton. Now, a year and a half later, pretty much their whole squad is worth more than 10m, and they’ve a few worth 30ish million.

    Almost everyone in spurs squad has the potential to be worth 30m+, but just haven’t turned it on, or got results, Pochettino will work wonders with them.

      • Says you, I sometimes wonder if you are a gooner Spurgatso. You loved Sherwood when he was clearly wrecking the club from the top down. Unfortunately some of our fans are a bit thick. Luckily Levy isn’t though, so I’ll be gald when Pochettino comes in,even if he isn’t so popular with those less switched on…PS I am seldom ever wrong, so I remain confident…

  9. WOW so many negative people . Spurs didn’t take a risk on Rodgers . look where he is . We didn’t take a risk on Martinez . look where he is . Poch is nothing like Avb . he plays proper attacking football with style. you lot aren’t proper spurs fans. Tim Sherwood spoke a lot crap . wanted to Tear Spurs team apart and fill it with west ham / stoke players. last thing spurs need is to sell aload and buy aload .Poch will use all the player we have and make us a better outfit. De boer is to up his own arse . Benitez is negative and so is Mancini . So inless you idiots think Pep or klopp will come .who else is better than Poch . I don’t hope . I know he will prove you all wrong. just like he did at Southampton

  10. I was leaning towards FDB until I read this excellent blog (link below). Numbers and stats are always going to tell the truth more than a, ‘gut feeling’ (anyone seen Moneyball?). I think, of the current crop of available managers willing to come to WHL, Poch has all the ingredients missing from our last 7 or so managers. Whoever we take will be a gamble, but I now think this little Argentine has the ability to narrow the odds and make a success of it

  11. Pochettino is a good manager with premiership and european experience, he is young has the right qualifications and plays football the spurs way!!! We are a good team not title contenders, we should b in the top 6:every year with a good chance also of winning a cup. Thats what we do and always will do. So lets just support our club coys…..


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