Mauricio Pochettino’s arrival at White Hart Lane has led to predictable calls for Adam Lallana and Luke Shaw to follow their former boss. Both could prove to be exciting acquisitions and in the case of Shaw, he would fill a definite void in the left back position but is either move particularly likely?

18 year old Shaw has also been linked with a move to Manchester United but former Saints midfielder Matt Le Tissier is advising both men to consider alternative destinations during this summer’s transfer window.

“If those two decide to move on, with the talent they’ve got, they’ll move on to clubs that are already in the Champions League. Not sides that will have to challenge to be there next season,” Le Tissier told TalkSport.

He then went on to suggest that Shaw’s position was difficult, due to the draw that Manchester United would offer an impressionable young player.

“Luke Shaw has been linked with Manchester United, who aren’t in the Champions League next season, but, with their history, it won’t be too long before they’re back in that top four,” he added.

So does it all comes down to Champions League football? Pochettino could well be interested in both men but loyalty to a former manager may have died out in the Brian Clough era. Lallana and Shaw have the option to play in Europe’s elite competition next season and seem more likely to take it.

An alternative could be Jay Rodriguez (pictured) and while that name won’t stir up too much excitement, the 24 year old has a good record in the Premiership and could improve his goals to game ratio with a better service, providing he fully recovers from the injury that ended his season prematurely.

Now that Mauricio Pochettino has arrived, would you like to see any of his former players join him on the journey to White Hart Lane?



  1. The only way Soldado will leave is in a swap or player plus cash deal…….Levy will be unwilling to sell at his current market value.

  2. As much as I like Lallana, I feel any move for him being unlikely. With Eriksen, Siggurdson, Holtby all playing similar roles – even Dembele (before AVB decided he was a Holding Midfielder – and DS decided he was bench worthy) – As well as Carroll who’s coming through the ranks. I don’t see Lallana coming in. Even if we were to sell both of Gylfi and Holtby I doubt Lallana would play 2nd fiddle to Eriksen and visa versa. Eriksen ended the season in incredible form after his bedding in process. So to then spend upward of 25m (50% of our pre-sales budget) if you believe reports is madness. I imagine Eriksen and one of Holtby or Gylfie be our #10 next season. Shaw on the other hand – we have an immense weakness in LB. With one player for that position – and that player being an injury prone, low-stamina, failed Left Wing. Danny Rose (even with Naughton in the team) was our weakest link last season. Caught out of position every game, terrible at crossing (1 of the reasons he failed as a winger) and below average on tackles. I read that he contributed a mistake that lead to a goal in 48% of his PL matches last season! That’s madness. That’s probably also not including the number of times the LCB had to run out covering the gapping whole at LB while Danny ‘Glover’ meekly jogs back from the half-way line. “I’m to shit for this shit”. But i find it very unlikely that we would be able to push for Shaw – when his transfer does come about. It’ll be a bidding war. Chelsea and Man Utd will have bigger budgets and we could be looking at a 30m plus transfer. That being said – 18yo. That’s a potential 12-15 years (lol before Real Madrid sign him from us) as a first choice LB. I don’t think either of Shaw or Lallana will join. On the other Saints players – Rodriguez has had an injury prone career – and as well as he did last season – he ended it with a serious injury. At 24 YO we should be looking elsewhere. (Although if it’s Rodriguez on crutches vs Lennon – i would take Jay over Aaron every time.) The other wingbacks – Clyne and Chambers. I doubt we’ll do it. Walker will be 1st choice and I’m sure neither of those Saints RBs would accept 2nd place behind Walker as they’re all of similar age. Naughton wasnt the most assured player at the end of the season, but maybe Poch can revitalise him like he did Clyne and Chambers. (Remember Naughton was thought to have been the better of the 2 Kyle RBs from Sheffield when they signed. I still think he will be – but only in his prime in 2-3 years time.). I don’t see us going for Wanyama, with Sandro and Capoue – Why? Lovren could be an option at CD. None of our 4 CD had even an average season last year. But i would re-sign Caulker before him. Plus – there is one big thing people haven’t really mentioned – Some managers do not like going back and dismantling a team they just left. It remains to be seen if Poch would even consider that or just look somewhere else.

  3. luke shaw- would be perfect as it’s a positionand we have had problems with for as long as I can remember and at 18 he can only get better…the price tag is obviously a big risk but if we can shift a few of the under performers of last season then it wouldn’t seem so bad and I’d say we are a lot more appealing to him than united at the moment even with their new manager
    adam lallana- good player but we have eriksen, end of…
    jay rodriguez- can see it happening as his price tag shouldn’t be too high, not a particularly ‘glamorous’ signing but he is decent and would be a good alternative option when we need a goal

    the team looked all over the place at times this season but hopefully pochettino judging by how he did at southampton can bring back the team spirit and togetherness that sherwood lost completely
    if we can hang onto lloris and get vertonghen back to his best then we will have a good base to build on
    would ideally keep hold of sandro and lamela (we know he has the ability and top players will never go too long before showing it once again…look at how bale started with us). would like to see holtby given more of a chance as well as he looks a lot more of a threat than some players did for the majority of last season
    would have to say if athletico are willing to pay 15-20 million for soldado then we should take it (unlike lamela he doesn’t have age on his side) there are others that need to be sold/replaced as well but this isn’t fifa…

  4. We dont need to spend too muchbto make the team work? Sell Rose and get a cole on a free!! Sell dawson and add 4mill and buy caulker or prefably reid? 8mill will buy remy and 15 buys konoplyonka left winger?? Sell siggy and lennon and we will spend around 15mill in transfer market??? Come on levy and coys!!!! Cant wait to see lamela play next season and the rest of the team…


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