Away from the World Cup, there’s been very little in the way of Spurs news to relate. Jake Livermore has left the club and with the transfer window opening next week and players starting to return from the World Cup, we could even see some new arrivals very soon.

One piece of reporting worthy of note surrounded Erik Lamela and his claim that, after much speculation, he would be picking up his Tottenham campaign in 2014-15.

The Argentinian’s simple tweet, along with a photo of him working in the gym read,

‘I’m really looking forward to this season, come on you spurs!!’

Erik’s troubles at the Lane in the previous campaign aren’t worth going over again but are you possibly excited about our record signing playing to his full potential or do you think that the club should have cut their losses and moved the player on?




  1. Well we’ve obviously got to give him a decent run of games in the league to see how good he really is. Apparently Inter were very keen on him this summer and they’ve seen more of him than most spurs fans.

    Anyway, great to see some spurs players still at the WC, expecially happy for Bentaleb. Chadli’s also doing well. Clearly we don’t need to buy too many players this summer. Definitely a LB, CB and a decent forward and we’ll be sorted.

  2. New manager at Spurs,but nothing changes.Chelsea,Liverpool,Man Utd, Man City have all started their summer shopping early,but we are still in a coma.Of course Mr.Levy believes that leaving it to the last minute is the correct way.Better to bring new players in on 31/8 than for pre season training.We have already collected close on £15M in the sales of Defoe and Livermore plus surplus from last summer’s trading.Over to you Messrs.Levy,Baldini and Pochettino but I won’t hold my breath.


  3. The good thing to see is his back in early training out Argentina , but to answer you question yes he can become a top quality player at spurs providing we play in the right position in the team just behind a main striker.

    COYS !!

  4. We’ve all seen him on you tube, and the qualitys he has, he’s a young fella and is having trouble settling in may be the club should help him out he will make a difference cwhen it clicks COYS

      • wengers boy is back on the scene.
        a packet off sweets and a big old smile wenger is a fucking you know the rest retard now run along you gooners are good at running prick

        • Like that would change the simple fact that your club is shite. I know facts are sometimes bitter but deal with it.

          • I bet you have been under a rock somewhere and then you win a cup for the first time in 9 years and suddenly you get all brave you closet hebrew

      • yeah numb nut, but we will see when he’s fit, also you would love to see verts at the scum, but it ain’t gonna happen, he is at the best london club already, so dream on, you have one one cup in how many years, sigh, next season spurs will crucify the scum, watch this space 🙂

        • “You would love to see verts at the scum…” Well, Vertonghen is already at the “scum”. How man times do you want him to join the spuds?

          “He is at the best London club already.” you’re surely trying your luck at comedy!!!

          “Next season spurs will crucify the scum,” you say that every season and every season it gets worse for you. Remember the mind-the-gap season?? We walloped your team by 5-2. And that’s when you had Gareth ‘fucking monkey’ Bale. The next year was the same. Then when you spent over 100 million, we did a double on you and st. totteringham’s day came earlier than usual.

          Dream on!!!!

  5. The easiest and surest way for arsenal to finish top of the PL is: the spuds to finish second. cos no matter how hard you try you will ALWAYS be behind us. COYG

    • nothing better to do retard one cup in 9 years open top bus parade lets hope you dont have to wait another 9 years and the mong willshire the coke head breaks a fucking leg and never plays again the whole of england will be happy wenger boy mug

      • You know, there are these things called commas and full stops used in sentences. They are taught in elementary school. But anyways, whatever you said does nothing to lift your pathetic team from out of the shadow.

        • He just likes talking to real men on forum columns dont you Mertscieny?? Any attention is good attention you fuckwit!!! Go masterbate over your best players you gay fucker….Coys Lamela is top quality and all Arsenal players are in his shadow this season. COYS

          • “Lamela is top quality and all Arsenal players are in his shadow this season.”

            Just when I thought you couldn’t get any more delusional!!!

    • Have you taken your meds for the day or what, because you are in a different world, typical gooner, not seeing the real world, and living in the distant past shame really, and one cup in 9 years really smacks of being better, wait till next season, you gooner mugs

        • Ok, you were supposed to put a full stop right after the name Mertscieny. Also you were supposed to type “your own” instead of “you own.” You never learn, do you?

  6. Go back to school, learn the proper use of a question mark, then come back here and re-post you pathetic punk. Forever in our shadow!!! COYG.

      • I like how you avoid any questions anyone asks you? Be a real man and post your address and we can all pay you a visit? You talk utter shite and the real talking will be in the pitch this season fuck wit!! When I type my emails on this site its quickly done on a mobile, just like all the other spurs fans on here. You are obviously a ver sad lonely fucker if you spend so much time on a spurs website correcting peoples grammar? Get a life and fuck off from our site. COYS

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