Southampton have already lost their manager and three of their best players ahead of the 2014-15 season. Mauricio Pochettino’s departure to Spurs was quickly followed by the sale of Rickie Lambert and Adam Lallana, both of whom joined Liverpool, while left back Luke Shaw eventually completed a big money deal to Manchester United.

Those sales have increased any potential transfer ‘war chest’ for Ronald Koeman by some £60m but if reports are to be believed, the Saints are now looking to call a halt to any future exits.

That could be bad news for anyone hoping that Spurs will secure the signature of centre half Dejan Lovren. While Pochettino has been linked with the majority of his former squad, it had been reported that the Croatian international was the priority target with Michael Dawson set to join Hull and concerns over the fitness of certain members of the Tottenham defence.

There are further reports claiming that Lovren has handed in a transfer request and that Liverpool are battling Spurs as they aim to reunited the player with some former team mates.

Meanwhile, the stories relating to Dawson’s move continue so if Spurs are blocked in their attempts to sign Dejan Lovren, who will they turn their attention to?




  1. This blog asks questions and provides no answers. It’s common knowledge that Dejan Lovren has better offers from other premiership clubs. So are you writing a news article or just stroking your ego. I mean why not write a blog asking why we are not in for Suarez.

    • No he hasn’t actually. Soton seem reluctant to sell, unless for silly money. Lovren wants the Spurs move, that’s why he handed in the request

  2. Brazilian Defender Dede (Cruzeiro) would be perfect for Spurs and the EPL. Quick, powerful and extremely aggressive, Dede at 6ft 3 ins would make for a imposing figure at the heart of the Spurs defence.

    The fact that he will need a period of up to a year (potentially) to adapt to the rigours of life in the EPL is also plus, too, as it will allow the existing CB at the club a GENUINE opportunity to prove themselves and stake a claim to be 1st choice, at the club, moving forward.

    Comfortable on the ball, fierce in the tackle and a good reader of the game, Dede would increase, not only the south american contingent Spurs already have at the club, but the quality of options/player, too.

  3. If Lovren leaves he will go to liverpool. I do feel for Soton loosing Pooch and all there stars, it all wrong. If all my fella’s walked out on me I would be devastated. 🙂 HHXX

  4. Bring back Caulker , big strong and reasonably quick , when it was a given that he would take over from the Great Ledley King , we then sold him only to realise that we needed him .
    I do hope our club gets run properly soon , in regards to the players we need , and not financially , as thats fine . But we cant keep the turn around of players like we do , as there is no stability , and we could deffo do with some of that ……….COYS…………

  5. Go for Fabian Schar of FC Basel…good in defend and going forward.Also dead ball specialist.
    Better than Lovren and Caulker.

  6. Beware one season wonders!

    Ordinarily as a Saints supporter I would say we should take the money and run. But if we drop many more players it will be an achievement to stay in the division.

    Spurs fans will understand that a massive influx of players isnt a great plan

  7. Question: What do you think of Tottenham?
    Right answer: Shit.
    Question: What do you think of shit?
    Right answer: Tottenham.

  8. Well Mr Mertscielny your contribution is profound in the extreme and highly relevant to the article – I don’t think! Your team I fancy are typical of what comes out of an Arse – excrement and faeces. And that’s a correct statement.

    • You know there are these things called full stops used at the end of each sentence. Try them sometime. Also you don’t have to use capital letters through out the sentence.

      • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring gutless gooner cunt ……………………enough full stops for you prick.


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