Tottenham’s official website has announced that first choice keeper Hugo LLoris has signed a new five year deal at the club. After speculation followed France’s exit from the World Cup, Hugo’s comments in the wake of this news are positive ones.

“I spoke with the Chairman and I know the Club is as ambitious as ever,” he said. “It’s very important to feel at home at a club and for my family to feel well. I enjoy a great relationship with the Club and the fans. The arrival of Mauricio Pochettino is important as well. I have a good feeling with him. He is also ambitious.

“Everything is clear in my head and if I’ve signed a new contract it’s because I trust the Club and I’m sure we will progress in a positive way.

“Last season wasn’t the season we all hoped for but we were still able to finish sixth in the league. We know where we have to improve, the Club also knows and there is a feeling and a confident connection between the Club and the players.”

Surely it’s good news for now but will we be talking about LLoris’ future again in 12 months’ time?



  1. This only means that the club will get a good fee when they sell him in not so distant future.A very good keeper but not too bright if he thinks the club is showing ambition;all these star transfers going on and we are nowhere to be seen.

  2. Stop being a Pessimists be happy he has signed a new contract if he wanted to go he would have put in a transfer request , he one of the best goal keepers in Europe let alone the premiership and he staying at Tottenham !!! .

    Let be happy COYS!!

  3. I agree, this is great for spurs and maybe our best signing in the future summer transfers? To keep Lloris they must be confident in addressing the left side of our team and a different striking option. Coys

  4. I’m very pleased MarkyB, but Luka and Bale both did the same. I’d imagine he’s been given the old Levy guarantee, ‘if we don’t make top 4, you’ll have my blessing to go, but at an inflated price’.
    In effect, next July he’ll be off for £25million instead of £10million.

      • Absolutely, I remain positive about the season ahead but I don’t see us in the top 4 and I reckon we’ll see a lot of departures next summer as our current crop of good players decide to go to a big club and play CL football.
        We’ll still be left with the flotsam like Dross Townsend, Naughton, Adebayor, Rose and Lennon though…

  5. Hahahahaha… No big club needs a goalkeeper at the moment so he stays. I can’t imagine he has decided to forfeit champions league football for the next five seasons… “Wee club in london”

  6. Hahahaha… We’ve signed Sanchez + Ozil weakeaning tiny totts and biting pool in the process and Barca and Madrid have become our feeder clubs.
    By the way has your deal with madrid ended or no more average players to sell.


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