Any Spurs fans who hadn’t paid particularly close attention to England’s warm up matches ahead of the World Cup – e.g. me – could be forgiven for wondering who exactly John Stones might be. Earlier in July, some sites were linking us to an English World Cup defender but while those headlines were stretching the truth a little, it could have been worse.

Those early stories disappeared very quickly after current club Everton were thought to have rejected a bid but some 10 days later, the Express has resurrected this one.

Stones is 20 and has been with the Toffees since January 2013 when he signed on at Goodison from Barnsley for a fee in the region of £3m. Last season he played 26 senior games for the side and found himself on standby for the World Cup squad after earning two caps in the warm up friendlies.

According to the Express report, Spurs are prepared to go back in with a further offer amidst renewed speculation that Jan Vertonghen may be heading to Barcelona.



  1. If you don’t know who John Stones is you clearly paid no attention to the end of last season. He was outstanding for Everton and we’ve as much chance of signing him as I have of going to the moon. Unless he does something daft, he’ll be England’s centre back for the next 10 years

  2. Spurs will be wasting their time bidding for this lad.He’s going nowhere.Everyone has a price and Stones’ price would be in the £50 million region.Are Spurs going to pay this?.No so forget all about him.

    • If spurs want him he will come its as simple as that. Tottenham Hotspur are miles bigger than these deluded inbred scousers, eg we have a 45, 000 waiting list for season tickets and with Everton I could buy one right now.

      • Haha you’re deluded, 45000 waiting list yet you struggle to fill you’re 36000 ground playing some of the worse football in the league? you fool, go and get educated and while you’re at it look at some history books!

      • Guvnor now you must smoke something.You are a tin pot team not like everton.45K waiting for season tickets you havent got that many fans wake up you are gunner want to bes hahahaha

      • @guvnor, you plank… cannot possibly believe what you have written can you?……Oh!!! What on earth made you think that if Spurs want him he would go…Why? What for? If he wants to progress, play and enjoy his football he would do no better than to stay at a progressive team like Everton.

  3. obviously he’s not worth £50m, that’s bellend talk. But he was excellent last season. And we have almost zero chance of signing him. And if we did, I’d be a bit disappointed in him. The only thing we can offer him today that Everton can’t is money. They were by far the better team that us last season. He wouldn’t know for sure if he was making a backward step. No young footballer is going to make that move after receiving international recognition at his current club. Never.

  4. yeah like everton are a top team we had a player off you he was crap so we give him back at a cut price the lad wants to get away from your to give him a chance at england and we just sold a player at what ££££ think it was bale so dont knock spurs liverpool forever lmao lol

  5. This lad will only go to a better team / club IF he leaves. Tottenham offer nothing more.

    also based on 50mil for Luiz, 30mil for Shaw and 25mil for Lallana……its gonna take a very big sum.

  6. Ha ha. John Stones is at a bigger club, why would he move backwards? He has a much better chance of playing champions league with Everton than ever at Spurs. Take your heads out of the clouds spurs fans and you’ll notice your actually a mid table club with no real history with a chairman who makes you laughing stock. Stones would be a good signing, when do you make good signings 😉

    • we’ve finished 4th twice in the last 4 years… you’re just spouting crap. I like Everton and can’t see him leaving to come to us right now… we can only offer a bit more money but to say he’s got a better chance of CL with you than us is a massive shout and most likely going to be wrong – although, you have signed Gareth Barry!

  7. Spurs might be a richer Club than Everton, but they are not a bigger Club. This is lazy red top journalism, and re-blogged by a delusional sports writer, obviously. Give me one reason why John Stones would want to play for Tottenham?

    • Um… ok I get it. You think your a bigger club. Maybe, but its debatable. The honest truth is, Spurs and Everton sit a couple rungs below Chelsea and City, the new money powers in the league. Then after that, we are about half a century worth of trophies behind Arsenal, and then about a century worth of prestige behind Liverpool and United. I’m tired of all this big club talk especially since we’ve fought an uphill battle with our neighbors down the street in red for about a hundred years now. Its not worth it, so to measure up to Everton? Yes, I like how we compare very much.

  8. Everyone has a price. £20m and i’m pretty sure Everton will sell.
    We don’t need him though cos we got Danny Rose and Michael Dawson.

    Ha. Hahahaha. Mahahaha

  9. Wow this crazy talk from everton fans. Why do you get angry and talk shit? This is football. At spurs he would get payd much more, thats how football goes. Its the same when bigger clubs wants a spurs player. So stop talking shit and wake up from your dream. If you ask anyone that arent from GB you will understand that no one even know who everton is. Spurs is Global. You are everton, that means you are NOTHING! Compared to Spurs. One good season and the clowns think they are something big hahahaha. Its like listenning to bunch of kindergarden kids talk football. Dont forget, the reasons you did good last year arent there now and will never come back. Remember the only good players you had last year wasnt everton players hahaha

    • I yhink you’ll find that coleman stones mccarthy and mirallas are all everton players. Stll looking for your 2nd or is it 3rd league title?

      • Yeah, I know your looking for La Decima, but honestly, Spurs have a better chance to win one in the next 20 years than you guys do. The only clubs that have a chance to win anything the league for the forseable future are your regulars, City, Chelsea, United and Arsenal.

  10. Don’t want to lose him, but let’s be honest – we need a starting striker a lot more than a 3rd or 4th choice CB (albeit one that will be 1st choice in a season or 2)

    If you lot paid £20m+ for him, we’d be able to go back in for Lukaku or whomever and keep hold of Barkley, McCarthy and Coleman etc

    Surprised Pochettino isn’t trying for Lovren though

  11. Stones won’t leave this year because Everton won’t sell him for a small fee. Spurs and Everton have been neck and neck for many seasons now! Yes Spurs are loaded but Everton are doing ok and are not in the position where they have to sell. Everton played some great football last year and most of the players are still there with many long term injurys returning. Get a few more good signings in this year and I think that Everton have as good a chance as Spurs to reach that top 4 spot. My best mate is a Yid and I always wish him luck as we both respect each other’s club. Everton are a well run club that have suffered from lack of serious investment and bad previous owners however don’t slate the rich history. Always have been and hopefully always will be a huge club. We also have a huge international following and especially in the USA. Good luck this season to Spurs .

  12. Some spurs fans talk sense, a few others talk bollocks! Everton ARE just as big as Tottenham are and have won 3x more top flight league titles! We may have suffered from poor investment and board management but despite this we are equally as if not bigger! Like spurs and their fans.. Some of u want to look back at longer than the last ten years however! No chance with stones

    • Honestly, the reason why we get so much hate from our Arse neighbors is because we would like to think our club is every big as theirs. I know… I’ve put it down to that. It would be a civil fan relationship, but I can’t help it if we are just crazy and part retarded about our club.

  13. HA HA Ha I have just seen a list of your honours
    Southern League Champions: 1899/1900
    Western League Champions: 1903/1904
    London League Premier Division Champions: 1902/1903
    Football League South ‘C’ Division Champions: 1939/1940
    Football League South Champions: 1943/1944, 1944/1945
    Southern District Charity Cup Winners: 1901/1902, 1904/1905 (joint), 1906/1907
    Dewar Shield Winners: 1901/1902, 1933/1934, 1934/1935
    London Challenge Cup Winners: 1910/1911, 1928/1929
    Anglo-Italian League Cup-Winners Cup Winners: 1971/1972
    Norwich Charity Cup Winners: 1919/1920
    Norwich Hospital Charity Cup Winners: 1946/1947, 1949/1950 (joint)
    Ipswich Hospital Charity Cup Winners: 1951/1952 (joint)
    Costa Del Sol Tournament Winners: 1965, 1966
    Nolia Cup (Sweden) Winners: 1977
    Japan Cup Winners: 1979
    Sun International Challenge Trophy (Swaziland) Winners: 1983
    Peace Cup (Korea) Winners: 2005
    Vodacom Challenge (South Africa) Winners: 2007
    Feyenoord Jubileum Tournament (Holland) Winners: 2008
    Barclays Asia Trophy (China) Winners: 2009

  14. Here you small club (Spurs) supporters is a list of Everton’s honours:
    Football League Record
    1888 Founder Member of the Football League.
    Division 1 Champions
    1890-91, 1914-15, 1927-28, 1931-32, 1938-39, 1962-63, 1969-70, 1984-85, 1986-87.
    1889-90, 1894-95, 1901-02, 1904-05, 1908-09, 1911-12, 1985-86.
    Division 2 Champions
    FA Cup Winners
    1906, 1933, 1966, 1984, 1995.
    1893, 1897, 1907, 1968, 1985, 1986, 1989, 2009.
    Charity Shield Winners
    1928, 1932, 1963, 1970, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1995, Shared 1986.
    League Cup Runners-Up
    1976-77, 1983-84.
    European Cup-Winners’ Cup Winners

  15. Yes Global! Spurs are big in Asia, Scandinavia and Usa. I am from scandinavia and ive never met or seen a everton fan. Wake up, you are nothing. Nobody cares or give a fuck about your tiny club. One good season with nice football and you are saying spurs are playing like shit? What about 11seasons with moyes?? Was more fun to watch paint dry haha. Actually i had big respect for everton untill i read all the shit you talk with nothing to back it up with. Now i se you as pathetic clowns that got butthurt because another club want to buy the ONLY talent you ever haf since Rooney.

  16. Gents, put your cocks away, why would we pay such a large fee for a player that had a couple of good games last season and done and won fuck all, bet he’s not even won in a scratch card Levy is n it that nieve

  17. You spurs are to funny. Spent what 100 mill last summer on mercenaries who came for the money and finished 6th. You all keep signing them players because money rats have won what for spurs?

  18. Scandinavian!! hahah you know fook all! Go support Liverpool! BTW over the last 10 years we are about 10 points down on spurs probably with a much smaller NET spend! If we are Tiny club then so are SPURS! you know fook all! in fact give up on football all together and concentrate on ice hocky

  19. Absolutely cringing at some of the comments on here. I’m a lifelong spurs fan and will continue to be till the day I die but seriously some of our fans are just embarrassing. Everton have always been a bigger club than ourselves and last season apart from the odd blip was one of if not the best playing teams in the league and with martinez, coleman, barkley, mccarthy plus adding a few more decent players will definitely have a chance of competing for the top 4. They spend less, pay less wages yet play better and most likely will finish higher than us this season again. I hope people reading these comments ignore people like allardyce as honestly he seems that stupid I doubt he’s a spurs fan but more likely an arse fan on here trying to make us all look retarded. Good luck this season everton I hope you have a great season as to see a club not spend big on transfers or wages yet compete against the best every year is what all teams should hope to be like.


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