According to press stories, Spurs remain interested in signing Villarreal defender Mateo Musacchio but as we head towards the first game of the Premier League season, there are conflicting reports as to the player’s situation at his current club.

The Spanish side were thought to be holding on to the Argentinian until they had signed a replacement but that part of the process now seems complete after the arrival of Victor Ruiz earlier this week. Ruiz at Villarreal could lead to Musacchio’s departure but elsewhere, it’s claimed that Villarreal are looking to negotiate a deal that would keep the 23 year old at the club.

With further reports suggesting that money is the only issue for the player, an improved wage packet may yet keep Mateo Musacchio in La Liga.



  1. I would suggest that the 3rd party ownership is the most likely reason and the rest is probably noise, if not all b0ll0x any way

  2. Obv its not gonna happen. We’ve already agreed terms with the player, so obv we can’t agree a fee over the transfer. If we could have, he’d be in a spurs shirt already.

    I don’t understand why we bother with difficult transfers such as Schneiderlain and Mussachio when we can simply bid £16m to land a wonderfull talent in Memphis Depay and the goes for Wilfried Bony

    • Depay is not any easier. He has decided to stay in Holland. Bony would be a good one. But I still think Schneiderlin and Musacchio could happen.

      • If we bid £16m PSV will accept if we persuade Memphis with a 70k-a-week contract and guarantee him a fisrt team place. Mepmhis Eriksen Lamela behind Bony could see us compete for the top 4 if the they continue shorring up the defence. Most of what I read suggested MDepay would grab the opportunity. If it would happen, we’d be selling him to Madrid in 4 years time for £50.

  3. Sounds like Poch would like him but it’s just too complex. And we need to sell players cos we’ve got too many. Currently we could put at least 15 potential first team players on the bench!

    • But Spurs are going to play 2 games pr week most of the season and need 22 players for that. I guess Poch will run 2 parallel teams, one for PL and one team for the rest. Yes there are 2-3 guys too much so that needs to be addressed.

  4. Once again we are about as potent in the transfer market as Soldado is in front of goal. We bought badly this time last year, and whilst the 3 in are good additions, we still have no-one thats going to get you off of your seat with excitement. We’re linked with all and sundry but just about every supporter and their dog knows this happens every year and the ‘links’ never materialise. And to make matters worse, no sod wants to leave !! Saturdays effort was much the same as every pre season, and in all honesty, against a pretty awful Schalke, it was poor. Too many sideway passes again, no cutting edge, very little to get enthusiastic about. I think MP will be ok but only when he has in place the players HE wants and that mey take another season.

  5. Why are we pursuing more or less the same policy as last season? If Poncho cant get last seasons duds playing thats the time to replace them.and after all Poncho is the most gifted manager in the EPL so he should be able to.Last year we struggled to field 2 decent teams for all competions and this year the ropey has a golden egg at the end of it,so I’m sure we want to give it a good go.Why muck about with these crazy deals.

  6. you have to have faith in our new manager.with probably players going out.some will replace them.they will be of a higher level. no more ,he will fill in til first choice comes back.he will be a contender for the first team.


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