Has Kane earned his Premiership chance?

Has Kane earned his Premiership chance?


During another long break, there have been a few highlights for Spurs fans who care to watch the international game and while Andros Townsend was doubling his tally for the full England side, striker Harry Kane was continuing an impressive run for the Under 21s.

Harry scored his 7th goal in all competitions this season with a diving header against Croatia on Friday night and as he prepares for this evening’s return, questions must be asked regarding his place in the Tottenham squad.

“It was a great ball in,” Kane said. “I just put myself in the right place at the right time and managed to head it in. It felt great to score, although the game was obviously tough.”

The striker has scored four goals at club level this season but his chances in the Premier league have been restricted. With Emmanuel Adebayor continuing to struggle and the head coach showing no signs of any trust as far as Roberto Soldado is concerned, is it time for Harry Kane to start when Tottenham return to domestic action?


  1. 4 things balance ,he keeps falling over when in control of the ball,pace or lack of it to be a first class striker ,and ball control nothing like Soldado he has to kill the ball dead and turning his fourth thing he is very slow at turning ,but still young has a lot to learn at the moment average premiership player lower teams of top championship player

  2. He is the best striker we have , gets in goal scoring positions ,can hold the ball up and bring others into play ,finishes well ,has good feet and is an ariel threat as well as having the determination to make an impact on the game .His only flaw is a lack of real pace but his intelligence makes up for that .A young version of Teddy Sheringham I’d say ,can develope into a top player and needs the opportunities to do so . Ebola victim Adebayor and waste of space Soldado can not be allowed to hold up his development


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